17w2dSo, I’m 17 weeks (+2days) along now. BabyK has been moving up a little storm in there over the past week, but today he’s been quiet (I’m saying “he” only because saying “He/she” is a little weird and saying “It” just… well, doesn’t sound right). I will have to say though, music is beginning to be his favorite thing. I can sit back and sing, listen to music or even play the piano and he responds. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, now that I know what he feels like when he moves, I get worried when I don’t feel him at his normal active time. I had to keep reminding myself Saturday and yesterday that it wasn’t my work week, so I wasn’t going to be sitting still at 10-11am for his little acrobatic movements to be felt. So I kept trying to make myself just sit in the quiet to feel him. Of course, it didn’t always work but I tried. I started to worry when I didn’t feel him this morning, but he’s right back at his little pokes now.

Later this week is my endo appointment Wednesday. It’s one that I’m kinda dreading and at the same time wanting to have because, like always, I’m scared he’ll fuss because of the highs (which he has never done since I’ve started seeing him – it’s just a phobia of mine) but I know it’s something we have got to get handled and quickly and for some reason I have not been able to successfully make my own adjustments that work. My timing for pre-bolusing is changing (some needing to be 30 minutes ahead, others needing to be only 15 minutes ahead), and I can tell my noon and supper-time IC ratios or basal rates might need to be changed as well because those are the times I’m really peaking, even though I’m coming back in range later. Lots of changes!

I will have to admit though. I am still kind of upset that the last A1c wasn’t lower. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it – heck, I try to encourage anyone with any A1c low or “high” by medical standards – but when it’s myself, I can’t shake it. Sans pregnancy, I’d probably be okay with it, but right now I’m just not. And I need to shake it off and get over it.

I did call today to find out pricing on the 3D/4D ultrasound from my OB’s office. Their office charges $200 and it’s not billed through insurance, so it would be out of pocket. On one hand, I would love to have it because it will be done at 28 weeks, which will be the half-way point between the upcoming ultrasound (in 21 days! woot!!) and baby delivery and it may ease my mind about how things are going and I’ll get to see what my little one looks like… and we’ll get to analyze the pictures like we did with my sister-in-law’s to see who the baby looks like more. On the other hand, that’s $200 that could go towards stocking up on things like diapers, wipes, baby wash, lotions, and powder. Not to mention to get the “fill-in” things that we don’t get at the baby showers. I’m torn… I mean, really. to the point of tears even (holy hormones, batman!). I rreeeealllly  want to see him moving around in there and see what his face looks like, but I also know that it would be smarter to save the money for the future (hello no maternity leave allowance! – one downside to working with a small business). It’s a big war between my heart and brain as to what I want and what we need. I guess if mine and Erik’s side work picks up, we may reconsider it, but the way it’s looking right now, I may just opt not to and save the money for those soon-to-be poopy diapers.

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  1. Wow, $200… what a choice: more detailed pics of baby to be, or… diapers. Too bad they don’t take collataral, like diapers… Thanks for the update, Sarah. Hope all is going well at 17. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the journey unfold!

  2. I can totally understand your dilemma. Currently, I am no longer working due to pregnancy and once the baby is born am not sure how quickly I will go back. That being said I am always trying to be as smart as possible with our income. I had to make the tough decision about spending the money on a 3D ultrasound or not too, and finally I decided to just do it. I really questioned myself whether I would regret not doing it and I realized that I would. So hubby and I had it done a few weeks ago at 30 weeks pregnant and it was such an amazing experience. I am so happy I did it and all the pictures, and DVD we have will definitely be great keep sakes for her baby book.

    Whatever you decide, the choice is only right or wrong if you feel it is. Enjoy your pregnancy because believe it or not is does fly by!!!!

    Love reading your blog,

  3. Save the $200. It is worth the wait. (We also didn’t find out the gender with either of our kiddos and I totally encourage that.) Having a big surprise is wonderful – it makes all the pain and work of labor a lot more tolerable! (And don’t buy baby powder – it is bad for babies and totally unnecessary!) Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy. Feeling the baby move was my favorite part too.

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