9 Months

Nine months have passed.

While I still see the baby that you were the day I had you, you’re slowly morphing into this toddler. A kid with his own little personality. One thing above all that I simply love and that melts my heart is how happy of a child you are. There’s hardly ever a time when you cry or get upset, unless of course it’s the normal stuff like hunger, diaper, or you have bumped your head on something while trying to be adventurous… oh, or if you have something you can’t and I have to take it from you. Things excite you so much. Your eyes open wide, you squeal in your own little weird way, and you clap your hands as if to say “YEEEEY, mom!”

And remember last month when you were starting to scoot backwards? Well, you still can’t quite go forwards, but I no longer have to put you into crawling position for you to get down and go where you want to go. You have mastered getting from sitting to crawling position, where then you look behind you and back up, where – when you get there – you spin yourself around on your belly to face whatever it is you were going to get. Oh, and I have also given up on expecting what position or area of your crib I’ll find you in in the mornings. I do belive you have covered every square inch of that thing either on your back, side, or belly, scooting and rolling about from one side to the other. Sometimes, even under your pillow.

Backed into a corner 😀

And this month, I left you for the biggest, longest trip ever away from you… and away from everyone (except daddy… he went with me).  We’re talkin’ clear across the USA, but it was for a good cause, I promise. I hated so much to leave you, but I knew you were in excellent hands. Thank GOODNESS for FaceTime and video cameras. Even though we were thousands of miles apart, we were still able to talk and chat (babble?) so it helped a bit. Besides, I think your cousin kept you pretty well entertained, as I heard you had an itinerary of your whole stay well before we left you.

You are starting to be independent (geez, don’t know where you got THAT from! 😉 ). You have learned what mommy’s iPhone camera is and what it does, and you either grab for it or you did like you did this morning and turn away from me. Now, gone are the days of posing you for cutesy pictures… I’ll be on my toes (or elbows), and exercising some mad “creative” picture skills I’m sure.

You’re also starting to notice the things that are attached to your mommy… like the box with the string (a.k.a – the pump). You see the string.. you want to eat the string… you pull the string, and momma says “no”. But you think that “no” word, or the other one – “stop”, are funny words, so you laugh and pull harder, causing mommy to squeal. You think it’s mommy being funny, so you laugh. It’s in that moment… that second… that I dislike diabetes all over again. Here, you think you’re playing with a simple toy, but you’re playing with something very serious, and I have to take it from you. You get upset, and I quickly distract you with another toy, but in my mind, I know that we’re soon going to be faced with the questions of “what’s that, mama?” or “I want to play with it, mama… why not?” and simple toy distraction won’t work, and the journey will begin of how to explain my attachments to you and why I need them. You will then enter into my world of diabetes as a T3, not just mommy’s baby. I know it’s going to happen soon.. I’ve just got to mentally get ready for it. I want to tell you and explain things just right so you understand. I don’t want it to scare you, which is what I’m more afraid of than anything.


You are my sunshine.

My 20-something ball of smiles and bolus-free sugar.

I love every bit of you and everything about you.

“I love you right up to the moon – and back.”


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