Diabetic Dabs Giveaway Winner!

Soooo, Friday sort of slipped by and I didn’t get the winner drawn for the Diabetic Dabs Giveaway as promised. BUT! I did get it done this morning and the winner is……. Mary!!!! Which I think it’s ironic. So, Mary.. the challenge is on… Can the habit be broken? You’ll have to let me know … Continue reading “Diabetic Dabs Giveaway Winner!”

Friday Find (and giveaway!) : Diabetic Dabs

*Ziiiiip… Pop… Shunk… lick* If you’ve ever tested your blood sugar, you know what those words are describing. I’ve always been a licker. I never carried extra tissues to wipe my finger on, heck, I rarely clean my finger with more than just rubbing it on my pant leg (which I still do that). That … Continue reading “Friday Find (and giveaway!) : Diabetic Dabs”