Abby Cadabby Returns

Abby Cadabby returns.

After a week or so on the Animas Ping and the month on the OmniPod, I have decided to go back on my Minimed pump.


The Omnipod didn’t work because I need a longer cannula length.

The Ping.. well, I used it without the remote after a few days. The remote is nice at times, but it was irritating at times too. By the end of it, I was just bleeeeh about the Ping. It’s okay, and a very stable, good pump. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it.

So why the switch?


Ease of use when it comes to technology is very important to me, and this system has the easiest (in my opinion).

It came time to upload my pump and meter and the software, for me, is a pain in the buttocks. I still like the fact that everything can be logged into the Revel so that all you have to do is upload it via the USB device and there’s your whole complete logbook.

I’m still not quite concrete about the decision yet. But I do feel better about having weeded out the OmniPod option. Now it just comes down to the Revel and Ping and whether remote bolusing means more than easier upload of data.

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  1. As I mentioned on twitter, I would give Diasend a real try before you give up on Animas as an option. I can upload my Ping and my Verio into the same system so my endo can see BG results that did not require a bolus without any extra work from me.

    My endo likes it especially because all the uploading is done remotely and before my appointment so it saves us time during the appointment AND she would be able to see my records if I needed help between appointments.

    Both remote bolusing AND easy upload of data for me!

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