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IMG_3491I am a southern girl with T1 diabetes. I was diagnosed at 4, on November 22, 1988. I was on shot therapy from age 4 until 16, then I started on insulin pumps. My first one was a Disetronic H-Tron +, then I upgraded to the Spirit pump, but I didn’t like it very much. December 19, 2008, I started on the OmniPod pump. Due to cannula length issues and a few other things, I switched from the OmniPod to the Animas Ping in August 2010 through the Animas Access Program. During July 2011-August 2012, I used the Minimed Revel with CGM, provided gratis by Medtronic in exchange for monthly posts during that time on their blog, the Loop Blog.

Now (well, as of December 5th 2012) I use the Tandem t:slim insulin pump for my insulin needs and I use the Dexcom G4 Platinum for my CGM. Rumor has it they are working on integration for the two so I’m sure that will be my next upgrade.

I am a self-proclaimed “dia-techie” since I love all of the technology that is available to us now and have used most of what is available in the U.S.. If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer openly and honestly.

I am an insurance agent in my day job, but my passion is photography. I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I’m really getting into the science behind it and am really considering taking a few courses. I don’t want to go professional, but I’m starting out with just landscape pictures and trying to do some family photos as well. You may even see a few pop up on here from time to time.

I am married with one child, a handsome little boy whom I blogged about carrying. I am also a part-time student working on obtaining an Associates in Art as well as a certificate in Medical Assisting.

Why the name “Sugabetic”? Because if you’re from the south, you don’t have diabetes, you have the “suga”. 🙂

So, now that you know a little about me, I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs a little more.

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  1. atta girl – thank you from all of us T1D moms and friends who need to know somebody’s out there in the same boat.

    1. I love mine, Merle. After the new cartridges came out earlier this year, I had no more issues like I had before. It’s now my best buddy. 🙂

  2. Just switched from Medtronic to T Slim, And Dexcom………..I am in love! I only wished the t slim would link my meter. I am excited for some peelz……….keep us posted!

  3. Been with Minimed since 1988. Not a fan of their CGM and thought for a long time it was my only option. Recently discovered Dexcom and the t-slim. Tandem says that are working on integrating the two by this summer (?), but even the possibility of a CGM with accurate reading and alarms would be great.
    As I continue to research, any suggestions?

  4. I see you have been using the Dexcom, I have been on the Dexcom for about 2 days now and for the first placement of the dexcom I placed in on my hip/butt area. I had plenty to pinch up for it. However, the next day it is starting to get very sore and hurt even to walk. Have you ever had this problem? I also wear an Omni Pod and can sleep on that and it never hurts or bothers me but I did not know if my pain could be from sleeping on it? Also, where are some good places to put the dexcom that are sort of hidden. The omni pod is sort of bulky so I wanted one at least sort of hidden.

  5. I use the Minimed 530g system with CGM. It works ok but there is definitely a delay in the sugar readings. I’m looking forward to the iLet (bionic pancreas) when it is approved. Kenny 🙂

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