Another Life Lesson Learned

Since I have been working with Ginger, I have learned a lot. Sure, we talk about the logistics of how diabetes and exercise and food all work and work together, but there’s something different about her. She not only has been working on why these things work the way they do, but why I react to them the way that I do. Things like, emotional eating (which I have caught myself doing A LOT!), feeling like a wuss because I can’t do the full workout she has assigned me, wanting to give up because I’m not doing things perfectly right.

Ginger is a wellness coach in every sense of the word. And for some reason – I guess knowing the diabetes connection plus both of us being women too (sorry, guys!) – I can open up to her better. She has not once fussed at me for not doing something (or vice-versa), she helps me work through the reason why I did or didn’t do something (like completely give up on gluten-free after a week… to which I paid for after a few days!)

One of the things that was brought out in yesterday’s session is my ease of giving up if I can’t do things right or perfectly. I have always been the type of person that strives for perfection, and anything less, in my mind towards myself, just means you weren’t cut out to do whatever it is you’re doing and do something different…. Or do nothing at all. We talked about the whole gluten-free thing and why I gave up. We talked about exercise and how I felt like I wasn’t good enough at it because I couldn’t complete the workout. The problem is that I work too hard for perfection, when perfection isn’t the goal. Making drastic changes for anyone is hard, and expecting perfection within the first few tries is unreasonable.

Ginger suggested that I come up with a mantra for myself to encourage me and keep myself going through the times that I just want to quit because I haven’t done something perfectly… a little reminder of sorts. I’ve been working on it, and have come up with a few versions of the same thing:

What ya think?

3 thoughts on “Another Life Lesson Learned”

  1. I love it. And your post, and experience, resonates with me–I’m very similar. So to you, I say woot! for finding a mantra and working on not being perfect, and being okay with not being perfect. Yes. xoxo

  2. “…work too hard for perfection, when perfection isn’t the goal…”. Those are some powerful words, and they ring true all too well! I think I’m going to tuck that into my little imaginary bag of inspirations, and reach for it when things aren’t going quite as I would like.

    I think once we truly find a way to believe and live those words, things can get easier.

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