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In honor of No-D-Day (Thanks, George!), I’m going to talk about something else besides me, or D, or even BabyK (well, we all might come up in there a bit, but the post isn’t centered around us).

Other than my wonderful, beautifully handsome baby boy, there’s only one other person in my life that my world revolves around. My husband.

We met September 1st, 2005 and hit it off right from the start. That’s not to say we haven’t had some rough patches (oh boy, have we!), but they’ve not been anything we haven’t been able to work through. And what I love about him is his passion for what he loves and believes in.

Since he was a kid, he has loved Transformers. Most of the lingo he talks, I don’t understand, but all I know is when I see him watching the re-runs of the first Transformers cartoons that came out, it’s like he’s a kid again, sitting in front of the TV, watching the coolest thing to ever come on the tv. And, when talk of the making of the 2007 Transformers movie was the buzz of the internet in 2006, I got to see just how crazy he really was about this “cartoon”. Transformers was the hot topic of most of our conversations, and even when I would try to weed it out, Erik would think of something else to say. We even had a big, blow-up fight about it because I simply did not understand his obsession with them. After all, they were just toys, right?


What I didn’t understand was that they may have been a toy of the 80’s, but it was that toy that helped shape who he is. The toys made the user think. It was puzzle that transformed from one thing to something completely different. Even today, he will sit for hours and transform new and old ones to perfection. When I transform them, there’s still gaps and holes and it looks like some sort of thing that resembles only remotely resembles a vehicle or a robot. Him? They look like they just came from the factory. But my point is he has taken that same principle and applied it to his life. He has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Technology and works as a Systems Administrator (and a PC Specialist when needed) at his job. The stories he shares with me show his passion for computers, technology, and the puzzle they create – much like the passion for the puzzles that Transformers have. They make him think and help him problem solve.

Once I realized just how they impacted him, and still do (I mean, come on, have you seen some of the Transformer toys they have out now?! It’d take me a year or more to transform one of those! Him? A couple of hours… TOPS.), I let go. Most of his gifts now are Transformer related. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when the Transformer buzz is over in the media once again and you can’t find the action figures anymore. When we went and saw the first Transformers, he actually started to hyperventilate when Optimus Prime transformed the first time… as if he were seeing his childhood hero in person for the first time ever… which, I guess you can say that’s what he did, in a way, since Transformers is a cartoon that was made into a movie. And, if we had been alone in the theater, I’m sure he would have stood up and clapped at the first line of “I am Optimus Prime…”. Of course, I’m sure he’d absolutely have a heart attack if he ever met the man behind OP’s voice in person!

Of course, Transformers is not all that makes up who my husband is. He’s bright, funny, and the biggest teddy-bear of a man with a heart to match.

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When you feel like you just can’t win.


When it hurts to do it over and over again.


When you just can’t figure it out.


When it seems there’s nothing to laugh about.



Until the frustration is small


Until the hurt is no longer a wall


Until you can relax just enough


Until you find some sort of peace in the midst of the “stuff”.



(This came to me after a blooper in a diabetes vlog.

Diabetes is a very stressful, demanding disease.

But sometimes, you just have to sit back and laugh to relieve some of the stress.

So sit back, think of some funny, crazy stories that have happened to you or a loved one with diabetes, and have a good laugh.)