Confused? Me too.

“So wait… which pump are you on?”

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I get this a lot. Mainly because I switch up a lot.

So, to bring you up to speed, this is what’s going on. Back in October when my endo took me off of the Tandem t:slim and told me to stay on my Medtronic Revel pump, I submitted to Medtronic my request for a new CGM system with Enlite sensors in hopes that we would get approval by the end of the year so they could ship by the end of the year and fall under this year’s already-paid deductible and co-insurance. Why? Because otherwise, when the 530G upgrade actually does get shipped in January, I won’t be able to afford a new CGMS under the new deductible and all as well as pay the upgrade cost. Just can’t happen. Sorry. I was assured many times over by my rep at MedT that there shouldn’t be a problem. So, after two months of phone calls to both MedT and my insurance company, we got approval at the first of the month and I was told they would ship out in probably a week. Fast forward to today. I called to find out why I haven’t gotten a shipping notice. Come to find out, they hadn’t been shipped and won’t be shipped until the new pump is authorized by the higher-ups to be sent out… so which means my whole entire goal of getting everything handled as far as the CGMS goes by the end of this year was a crap-shoot and won’t happen. Which means I probably won’t be getting the system as I won’t be able to afford paying that much up-front next year. Which the Revel pump works just fine and so does my Dexcom, so that’s not a big issue, I just like to have all of my reports in one place. The upgrade is just a want, not a need. So if it doesn’t happen, I can’t get mad because I do have the Revel that works, and that’s all that matters.

Right now, I’m on my Tandem t:slim because they have put me in contact with a rep for my area to see if they can find out what’s going on and why I’m having so many issues with it. If they can fix whatever is going on, then fine. I’m cool with it. I’m doing this because 1) it’s still got 3 years of warranty left on it and 2) even though I’ve had major issues in the past with it, I still like it. I like the pump’s interface as well as the intuitive reports (Hello 21st century!) and 3) I have like, 3 months worth of supplies that need to be used so they don’t expire. The pump seems to be a picky one anyway, and I’m not going to chance what could happen using expired supplies with it. The only thing that absolutely bothers me about it and that I feel completely wrong about is how much insulin it hides. I can’t do anything to fix it, and I’m throwing out with each cartridge an amount of insulin that could keep some people alive up to 2 days. It just feels wrong. My main concern is that even though things are going okay right now, I’m constantly feeling on-edge about it. I keep waiting on the one day when all heck breaks loose and the pump decides to go whacko on me again and I go two weeks trying to fix something that can’t be fixed all the while I’m battling 300-500 BG readings. I don’t have this issue with MedT and I trust it because I’ve never had an issue with it like that.

And please, PLEASE don’t get me wrong – I’m very VERY grateful for all that I do have. And, yeah, I probably should just let this all go and let it ride and take it as a sign. I just know a lot of people are probably questioning what the heck I’m doing when I’m talk about either system at any given moment, and this is just the summary of it. In all honesty, I want my MedT pump. I like it and it’s dependable. I’m ready to use up the t:slim supplies and go back to it.

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’m more of a DOC lurker. I just started t-slim and can’t deal with the air bubbles that keep showing up at the luer lock and then the tubing. I love it too but can’t deal w/ this. The bottom line is that there CAN NOT be air in the cartridge / tubing if I’m going to keep this pump. I really can’t believe it was approved w/ this issue. I’m contacting them today to see about returning it. Thanks for listening.

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