Dex Circles

At the end of June, I wrote a post about how Scott from PumpPeelz took my design of a light blue background and lots of darker blue circles and made it into an Omnipod Pump Peelz sticker. The response from the design was, in my opinion, awesome, as the proceeds came to over $38 for the IDF. For that, I am so excited and very grateful for those of you who purchased the Peelz.

We had a plan to also make the design available for the Dexcom G4 reciever, and to get that out as soon as possible as well. I know it’s been a while, but Scott and Emily have been busy with a few other things in his world (including GETTING MARRIED! WooHOOO!!! 🙂 ).

Then, this week, I got an email from them saying the new Dexcom ones were done and available in the store!


Just as with the Omnipod ones, the proceeds for the Dexcom Peelz will be donated to the IDF’s Life for a Child.

I am so excited to have this available, and to have had the pleasure of working with Scott and Emily to make this happen.

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