Extend Nutrition Review

As I’m sure you know, I’m very open about hosting reviews and things about products that are sent my way. In January, Stephanie, the Outreach Coordinator from Extend Nutrition, wrote to me and asked if I’d like to review some of the products from their line. Of course, I obliged and after having had a chance to try everything that was sent to me, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

First, let me sort of introduce you to what Extend Nutrition is. Developed by Dr. Francine Kaufman, they are a company with a goal to create snacks and shakes with very low glycemic impact, thus allowing someone to be able to control not just hunger but also glucose levels for an extended amount of time, even up to 9 hours. They offer snacks bags of chips – or, well, “crips”, or a snack bar, or even a shake mix (AND they’re all gluten-free! YAY!). I know other companies are striving for the same, but I have been swayed over to the Extend side because after trying everything, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Extend products played with my blood sugar.

I was able to try at least one thing from each type of snack they offer. While I have to admit, the shake was my least favorite, it did actually keep me pretty satisfied in the afternoon and I didn’t have my usual afternoon low. The only thing I didn’t like as well was how hard it seemed to get the shake to not taste gritty. They sent me an awesome cup with a shaker ball included, and it helped tremendously, but I think I maybe needed to let the shake sit for a while and dissolve a bit better.

As far as the Extend bars, I loved having those as a morning grab and go for breakfast. And, honestly, I usually don’t like chocolate-flavored bars but these were a nice surprise… I even enjoyed them more than the fruit flavored ones (which were also very good as well).

But my absolute favorite thing? The crisps. It took care of my love for that crunch from chips and I didn’t feel bad about eating them. I had the white cheddar flavor which sort of reminded me of white cheddar popcorn or mini white cheddar flavored rice cakes, just easier to eat. And OH. MY. WORD. The chocolate “Drizzle” crisps?? Heaven on a crisp, I tell you. I’m glad they come pre-packaged because I’m telling you.. I could eat those things all day…. even though I know that’s not what the point is. Either way, they both cured that “need-to-eat-something-crunchy” or “need-to-taste-something-sweet” tooth quite well and without giving up taste for good blood sugars.

Now comes the fun. If you decide to go to ExtendBar.com, you can shop and enter code “SUGABETIC” and get 20% off of your order. And seriously, if you do… get the chocolate drizzle chips. You’ll be glad you did.

Tell me what you think!