Have you ever been driving down the road and saw a buzzing neon store sign or motel sign?

Or had a lamp not quite plugged in all the way, and the light was flickering all weird and stuff, going in and out quickly and randomly? Where once there was a room full of light, but now, suddenly, there are quick flittering flashes of blackness?

Imagine that’s you.

Your eyes.

Your brain.

You’re driving down the road and suddenly, there are split-second bursts of darkness.

There’s a “loose connection” somewhere…

That was me yesterday, coming back from lunch. My insulin worked a wee bit faster than my food did, and I had gone from having a blood sugar of 156 to 40 within minutes… with no symptoms other than the above.

What’s even scarier was that I didn’t think I had glucose with me. ( I later found a snack bag of gummies in my purse for times just as this.) I kept on going until I got to the gas station and got some food.

Yes, it was stupid of me to not have glucose tabs with me. Yes, I was irresponsible in the fact that I probably shouldn’t have drove the rest of the way to get something, but in my mind, I had to get something and fast.

What’s more upsetting than all of that, to me, is this. I asked the question during the JDRF Live show Monday, “If we know we need better insulins and more accurate CGMs, why aren’t we working on those first before the artificial pancreas project?” Why would I ask that, you might think?

Because my CGM hadn’t “caught up” to the low yet. I was still reading 114. Even if my pump was equipped with LGS, it wouldn’t have worked. My pump wouldn’t have automatically suspended. I still would have been low.


Maybe I’m just on a rant, but seriously, I wonder how is the Low Glucose Suspend going to help if the sensors aren’t accurate enough to catch these lows?

I understand that the JDRF has their “pathway-plan” laid out as to how they think the steps need to be followed, but I personally have to disagree with their plan. I mean, it’s kind of like trying to build a wonderful house with laid with marble tile and crystal chandeliers on a foundation of rocks and sand, and then coming back to fix the foundation later.

I’m all for advancements in technology concerning diabetes. I really am. I just really hope that when it is available, the sensors will be more accurate as well.

Tell me what you think!