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If you’ve ever tested your blood sugar, you know what those words are describing. I’ve always been a licker. I never carried extra tissues to wipe my finger on, heck, I rarely clean my finger with more than just rubbing it on my pant leg (which I still do that). That is until I got these little things in the mail:
IMG_2601Earlier this month, Liz Sacco, founder of Diabetic Dabs, emailed and asked me if I would like to try a box of the Diabetic Dabs and host a giveaway for one box. Of course, I was excited because I had already read a post about these from Jacquie  and loved her analogy of saying they’re “like little square maxi pads for your fingers”.. and honestly, she’s right.
To me, they’re like those alcohol wipes, just minus the alcohol. They are amazingly super absorbent too. The pack is sticky on one side so that you can stick it in whatever meter case you’re using. The only problem is the sticky is a bit too sticky in that when I switched meter cases, I wanted to see how easy it would be to remove and place in the new case… but it wasn’t. It would be nice if there were some sort of pull-tab on the bottom like the 3M Command strips.
Don’t let the picture fool you though. These little buggers are a bit bigger than an alcohol pad though. One thing I usually do is if I have used a tissue, I crumple it up and throw it away. These are sort of big, and not very easily crumpled, so they to take up some space in your meter case waste area. BUT, that being said, even though they were intended to be used as a one-time-use thing, I typically use one per day, just dabbing my finger on an un-used space.
I have to admit – when I first got these, I wondered if it would be something I would continue to want to use after reviewing them. The size was the biggest thing to me because it seemed to be a lot of waste for such a small drop. BUT. I have to be completely honest here and say that they are very nice to have. When I switched meter cases, the one thing I didn’t transfer over were the Diabetic Dabs, mostly due to the adhesive part. After just a day, I was missing that little square piece of paper being in there because I had transitioned from being a “licker” to a “wiper”. And actually, the thought of licking anymore had become gross to me, where it never really was before. I have still done it just out of sheer habit in the middle of the night, but it’s certainly something I don’t do out in the open anymore. Using the dabs allows me to be more discreet too if needed, verses someone watching me test then smear a line of blood on my tongue and swallowing (yeah, sounds really gross when you think about it, doesn’t it?).
So now I want to know your opinion. I have a box to use as a giveaway, so following traditional rules, I’m going to ask you to leave a comment below, and next week, I’ll pick the winner using a random number generator. I’ll email the commenter with the news and ask for your mailing address. Simple as that. Easy-peasy. Then, just let me know how you like them after you’ve tried them (not a requirement, but just out of curiosity).

10 thoughts on “Friday Find (and giveaway!) : Diabetic Dabs”

  1. I just recently heard about Diabetic Dabs. I would love for my daughter to try them because sometimes the alcohol stings her finger.

  2. I’m both a licker and a wiper. I will wipe if there is a napkin or tissue nearby when I test, but will lick if not. You would think that I would just leave a tissue in my case, right? I would love to try these.

  3. I think they would be great for my 12 year old diva diabetic, Quinn. Love your blog. Thanks for always keeping me alert of what’s new and what I need for her. I read every one of your blogs and use you as a means to have more empathy and insight into what she is going through. She and her diabetic dog are my heroes. Thanks for being part of our team. Hugs and prayers on your own journey.

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