G5: Clarity’s Not So Clear

I have always been one who, when analyzing my diabetes data reports, I like to see everything. The overview, the snippets and the nitty-gritty of the matter. I don’t know about you, but my diabetes is not always crappy, nor is it sunshine and rainbows, so I need to be able to look at the whole picture together as well as be able to zoom in and identify the things I did right verses the things I did wrong.

dexcom clarityLooking back in my Dexcom G5 Mobile app, I started on the G5 on 12/10… 4 weeks ago today. I have many thoughts on my first month of the G5 but that will be in another post. This one is strictly to write on the companion app, Clarity. It is, in my opinion, the most irritating thing ever… and is not clear at all, maybe cloudy at best. It does give me an overview, I’ll give you that. But I don’t see everything in it.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a horrible time with my blood sugars going everywhere – even up to 400 at times and that is not like me. I tried to look at the reports, but it just made me frustrated because I no longer have all of the options that I do with Studio or even Diasend to mull over each day’s progression. And for a while, I was even logging everything in to my Dexcom G5 Mobile app thinking it would carry over into Clarity for when I did have time for my nitty-gritty day-by-day data munching, but it wasn’t there. So, I feel as though all of that effort is in vain. *edit: Apparently you can see the day-by-day if you access it from the web, but not from the report downloaded to the phone. Still not sold on it, though, because while you can see what you logged online, if you print it to take to your doctor, none of the facts of what was actually logged is printed.

And my biggest gripe that really gets me hot under the collar is knowing that there are two versions – one for home use and one for “professional” doctor use. This burns me up. The fact of the matter is, this is MY data. I should have access to all of it, in whatever manner I need it. If I had access to seeing it in all sorts of ways before in Studio, why cut me off now and give it only to my CDE or Endo? This mentality reminds me of a parent/child relationship and makes me feel as if they don’t believe we are responsible enough to handle our own data. The problem with that, though, is that if we are to be more informed, responsible patients, then give us the tools to do so, not cut them out. Dictating what you believe is too advanced for us is taking the power out of our hands to control OUR disease for those of us who choose to work our tails off to do so. *edit: From what I can gather, the Professional side has what you see, but with a bit more anonymity? I’m still confused on that point. Still, I don’t see the point of having two different ways of signing in. My endo needs to have my login for my Diasend account and needed it for my Medtronic account when I had it, so sharing my Dexcom user info would not be an issue. Generating a code would just make it more cumbersome than if they were able to have access at any time.

So, for now, I won’t be using Dexcom’s Clarity app or reports. I’ll continue to use Diasend for that (which means I have to go back to the G4 until Diasend at least gets the receiver to upload for now).


2 thoughts on “G5: Clarity’s Not So Clear”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! When you dumb things down, it leads to people being less informed (dumber)… If you want people to *UNDERSTAND* what’s going on, then you have to give them *ALL* the information for them to be able to do so… Summaries are ok and all if you’re in a hurry, or will be leaving it to someone else to do the analysis & fine tuning, but you need that data to do it yourself… Or at least to understand why someone else (doctor/endo/CDE/etc) is making the changes they are… Perhaps you should lean on your Dexcom rep to get a copy of the “professional” edition for “evaluation” purposes?

  2. I absolutely agree! I have been so frustrated with Clarity’s reports. I want to see a report with my numbers like I can get with Diasend or that I could get with Dexcom Studio. The summary graphs are nice to give you a quick picture, but I dive into the data and use that to modify my basal rates. I’m lost now without it!

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