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[I’m really late on posting this, but it’s not out of intent, I assure you. Carry on….]

In October, I received an email from Ethan Lewis at Level Foods about a promotion they are having on some new products they are adding to their line-up. If you aren’t familiar with Level Foods, they are the company that makes the Level Life glucose gel packages that I had a giveaway for last year. I really enjoy these glucose gels as they are very tasty (except the caramel… I don’t really care for it’s flavor, but the others are GREAT!), and work excellent at bringing up low blood sugars. And, since they are in flat gel packages, I can put one in my checkbook-wallet and it’s perfectly okay there. Granted, I have a stash of glucose tabs in most places, but if I’m just running out and grab my wallet, I like to know that I have extra glucose in there without having to carry an extra tube of tabs too.

Ethan sent me a package of more glucose gels (which I put to good use, by the way. Fav flavor is the Strawberry Banana!!), and a few of their new products, including some protein shakes and some protein bars, both of which are really good and tasty in my opinion. And, as told, they did their job. I liked being able to grab just a bar or two and throw it in my purse for a snack later or even grab a protein shake to drink on my way out of the door to class for breakfast. And, as the name implies, my blood sugars didn’t spike, but rather stayed level until my next meal, and I wasn’t hungry. He has a few more flavors coming to market soon, so stay tuned if you’re shopping on his site.

While the shakes and bars are more geared towards helping people on a weight-loss plan, they are great to have around for quick “grabs” when you need them. And, if your intention is to use them for help in a weight loss journey, you can also sign up for The Level Life Program, which gives you a 14-day “jumpstart” to your goal by providing tools and even shopping lists to help you get started.

levellifeSpeaking of shopping there, if you want to try some of his products yourself, you can go to the site and use the coupon code TRYLEVEL25 and get 25% off of your order (code is good until March 15)!

If you have already tried their products and want to share it with friends, you can also go to the site and click on the “refer a friend” tab, enter in your friend’s email address, and get a $5 coupon code to use towards your order as well.

Now, for the give-a-way. If you want to try to WIN your very OWN premiere bundle pack, just leave me a comment below and I’ll use a random generator to pick the winner on Friday. That’s it. No “you must share” or anything (though Ethan and I would really appreciate your graciousness in sharing!). I will let you know by email if you’re the winner.

Have a great week!

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  1. Level Gels are the best when out with just a shirt pocket or two (one for the CGM) I can easly fit 4 – 15 gm Carb packs in my pocket and deal with whatever adventure the outlands gets me to (til dinner time). Bruce (56y/o)

  2. Have never tried these but would love to give it a try any help with my blood sugar would be very welcome as working hard on getting fit x

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