Hidden Placement

As a diabetic woman, we use our boobs to hide our pumps or CGM devices somewhere in the elastic band or right between the girls. We have even been known to have music playing from them. We’re sort of accustomed to make a bra do a little more than just help us look better, perkier, and all around “controlled”.

Yesterday, I figured it was about time to change out my Dexcom sensor that had been in my leg for the past 28 days. It had a great run and died just shortly before sensor time had “ended”. Since it was starting to randomly lose signal and becoming a bit “off”, not to mention the “ewwwwww!” factor was setting in pretty hard, I had to find a new place to put a new sensor. I wanted a place that I could reach with both hands so that I could to my re-tapping / re-gluing technique as needed, so arm sites were out. And I’ve used my legs A LOT lately not just for CGM sites, but also for pump sites as well, so I wanted to give them a rest. So I started poking and pinching to find anywhere else that would have a bit of fat cushion to get good readings out of.

Granted, I’m not a small woman, so finding a place is not that hard, but I’m oddly shapped in that the further you go up, the less cushion I have. BUT, with the new G4 sensors, you can pretty much place those suckers anywhere. Case-in-point:

Rib-ish Site
Rib-ish Site

Yes, that’ s my bra. My new Dexcom sensor is located just below my bra area. If I bend over just enough, there becomes a roll there that’s squishy enough to place a sensor there and is just low enough to be bothered by my underwire.

Women who have substantial boobs may not be able to do this, but for those of you who are like me and weren’t blessed in that department, this might be a good place because there’s no extra bump to be seen under clothing. Since your shirt sort of drapes over your chest area, the sensor sort of falls under the drape and not as an extra, well… you can imagine from there. Amazingly, there was no pain inserting it either. Just if you do this, take caution to point the inserter angle away from the ribs and more towards the squishy part between the ribs (also known as the epigastric region).

And, if you’re wondering about sensor verses meter comparisons, they’ve been pretty on-track with each other there, so I may have a new go-to area for a while until my thighs can heal a bit. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Hidden Placement”

  1. using dexcom g4 since november. always placed it on my arm, the longest period was 28 days, my boyfriend managed it to 36 days. never heard that somebody placed the sensor on the leg. o_0 does it work? no dropouts or wrong numbers?

    1. Nope, actually, that’s been my go-to sweet spot for a while! I absolutely love it!!! Just place your hand in your pocket and where your fingertips touch are the spots. Let me know if you try it! ❤

    1. That’s why I say to go a little towards the middle so you avoid the bones, but hunch over so that you can make a “roll” that’s easy to pinch up. 🙂

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