Letter To The Little One–18 Weeks

18 weeks18 Weeks.


It really doesn’t seem that long, little one.

You’ve grown from this little thing, barely even a peanut, all the way to be big enough for me to feel you moving and rolling from one side to the other. I listened to you kicking me last night with my stethoscope. You must have gotten bored with me playing with you and, at last, you hid from me.

I’m starting to learn things about you. You wake up and move around after I get settled at work and again after lunch. If I’ve been active that day or haven’t been able to feel you move around, I know I can sit still and play some music on my iPhone and you’ll start dancing. You’re like me… you love to move to the music. Whether it’s from the iPhone or from me singing in church or in the truck on the way home, you’ll start moving your little body around… like you’re singing with me, just with you’re hands and feet. Don’t worry, you’re cousin loves music too, and I can’t wait to see you guys playing and dancing in the floor when the family gets together.

And even though we don’t know if you’re a boy or girl yet (two more weeks till we go to find out, so please don’t be shy!), I’ve started getting your room together. Of course, the cats, especially Sophie, don’t know what’s coming. Your dad and I think they think we’re redecorating for them. Sophie loves to run and sleep under your crib we have put in there for you. I can only imagine what they’ll do when your grandpa gets done refinishing the rocking chair for the room for those nights when you wake us up to be changed, fed and rocked back to sleep. Or when we start getting gifts from showers and they think it’s theirs to play with… or when we get the mattress to put in your crib… oh boy.

Little one, even though God has given life to you inside of me, you have given my life so much already. I never thought I’d ever get to see that plus sign on a pregnancy test. I never thought I would be the one laying on the examining table getting an ultrasound to see if there’s really a baby inside of me, let alone see the little tiny heart beating. I never thought I’d get to feel what it felt like to have a baby moving inside of me. It’s amazing. Every little bit.

We’re only half way through and I love you so very much.

I can’t wait to see you again in a couple of weeks.



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  1. I love reading these letters to the baby blogs, they bring back so many amazing memories of my own. Thank you for sharing. I wanted to post on twitter this morning that I love your latest picture, your baby pooch is really growing but I was afraid that may come across weird! 🙂
    (Spawnlings on twitter)

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