Mush and a Promise

There are times when I just shouldn’t be left alone to think. And it’s not that I have too much time to think, it’s just that once I start thinking about certain things, like insulin pumps, my mind is completely consumed by each one’s pros and cons and which one I like better or which one I think would work for me better.

Over the past, well, almost year, I have been doing too much “pros and cons” thinking instead of just stepping back and looking at the picture overall. Instead of comparing how they fitย me, I’ve been comparing them against each other. So, after long thinking and irritating the life out of my friends, I’m lightening up the load.

I’ve called Accu-chek about the Spirit pump I had (out of warranty), and they are sending for it so they can dispose of it properly, and a few friends have claimed the other systems (the MM Revel and older, bigger pod system) I had after offering them on Facebook. I feel so guilty having what I do when others out there need pumps but maybe can’t get them or only have one and have no backup system.

So, that will leave me with the t:slim in the arsenal of pumps that would just be sitting around. I’m working with Tandem now to see if I can get approval to return it. It’s a long shot, but we’ll see how it goes. With no promise of when the update will be released to fix the issue of safety I have it it, I just don’t want it sitting on a shelf for possible use. I’ve also given out the accessories that I bought to go with it, so I’m down to what it came with.

That will leave me with the Animas Ping and the Omnipod (gen 2) system. Both of these work well with me and my needs, and I don’t mind trading off every now and then. The Ping will be good for if I want to rotate leg sites because I just can’t get good absorption with the pods there. It will give a break to my stomach and sides from using the pods. I think the benefits of the upgraded pod system are wonderful, and being tubeless is a definite plus, though it still gives me the hebegeebies. And, if I know we have something big coming up, like, say, beach vacation, I can take either system and not worry at all about the water.

So, with all of that being said, I leave you all with this promise… which I have signed:

pump promise

And I have Erik and Cherise to hold me to this. If I don’t, they have permission to go bat-snap crazy on me and take any and all pumps away from me and make me deal strictly with insulin pens. That, in itself, is enough to make me want to not say another word.

I’m confident in the fact that I do not want to give up my Dexcom for another brand nor do I want to switch insulin brands again.. now I need to be confident in my choice of insulin delivery and get over it and move on.

1 thought on “Mush and a Promise”

  1. Someday, someone new – who we’ve never heard of before – will come out with a brand new pump with new features, gimmicks, and quirks, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t even allow yourself to evaluate it. I hope you have such an exclusion in your “contract”.

    Besides, we’re relying on you for your unfiltered, uncensored opinions! ๐Ÿ™‚

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