My View

The past couple of days has been a roller-coaster of sorts, to say the least. Mostly all emotions, which, of course, sets you out on the sugar coaster. My vision seemed to improve a little bit by Tuesday afternoon in that what I saw was no longer a complete distortion and blur of central vision and clear peripheral vision. It has sort of settled to being part clear and part distorted throughout the entire field of vision. This is not a fun thing to deal with, especially for someone who has a desk job and has to read all day. Yesterday was a test for sure – and I kept having to just stop and take a break to close my eyes because the strain was awful.

I took to Photoshop to try and draw a visual representation of how I see things now:

This is what the picture is supposed to look like.
This is what the picture is supposed to look like.
DME - Distorted
This one is what it looks like through my left eye currently.

My entire view is a bit blurry, but there are areas that distort lines and objects to be funky shapes – sort of like one of those mirrors you see in a fun house when you stand in front of it.. just in a milder form.

I have moved my appointment up from the 18th to next week on the 10th. I started thinking after all of the panic and cry-fest had subsided and decided that I needed to take the one-week appointment option and not the two week. I want to be as proactive about this as I am about anything else with my diabetes. Until then, I’m writing down all of my questions and notes so I can go over everything with that specialist. I want to know that I have covered any and all possible doubt or confusion or curious question with him and not rush through this. This is freaky yes, but I need to get past that and put on my advocacy hat for my own self. *cue Eye of the Tiger music*

Tell me what you think!