Myabetic Dexcom G4 Case: First Impressions

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I had a surprise in my mailbox today. The Myabetic Dexcom case that I had pre-ordered had arrived. With giddy excitement, I opened the box in the parking lot of the post office, and placed my Dexcom inside. (Which is funny, because I just received the email this morning stating it was shipped. That’s some super fast service from California to SC right there, people!)

One thing you’ll notice right off is that instead of the holder being on the top of the case once it’s opened (like the standard one that the Dexcom comes with), it’s on the bottom… which makes much more sense in my opinion. Also, there is a safety strap that goes across the top and tucks into a small slit in the back of the case to keep the Dexcom from slipping out if the magnetic closure were to come loose.

The case is form-fitting, with holes cut out where the Dexcom’s speaker is, as not to hinder the alarm sounds. Also, there is a cut out on the side for charging, which is good, but in order to charge it, the cover would have to remain open as the case doesn’t easily allow the port cover to be moved up and down. It also covers the face of the Dexcom, so you’re least likely to damage it (I’ve already got tons of scratches on it) and also it provides privacy (which is also good… I don’t want others to see when I’m “Above 160”).

Not quite sure how I feel about the attached strap though. I’ve never been one to use one. Typically I replace them with a simple C-clip and attach them to my purse handle so that the cases aren’t swinging around, but that’s all about personal preference.

After a week, I’ll let you guys know what I think of it. I feel like I’m having an affair with my beloved TallyGear cases though. It’s going to feel weird.

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  1. No belt clip, i love my G4 case that came with mine. Doesn’t fall off, pretty secure, I still don’t like that they are not water proof or should at least be able to dunk under water for a bit. I live in Florida, have a pool, etc… I have a bunch of Seven Plus, can they be used with the G4? Haven’t tried, maybe the plastic where the transmitter fits is a different size? Like the hot pink though. Same one I have!

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