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This week, I have been snooping around in the interwebs about the Omnipod system and what’s on deck for them. For over a year, I’ve heard about how they’re working on integrating with Dexcom, but it still has not happened. An unnamed source did tell me that they are still working on it, and it was set for approval, but then the FDA declined it because Dexcom was coming out with their new sensor, and they didn’t see a point in approving something with old technology.

Though I’ve seen pictures of how much “smaller” the pod will be, I’ve spoken with someone who has actually seen it in person and they said that it is definitely a lot smaller. We are still waiting on FDA clearance (some minor issue they wanted fixed, and now has been, so we’re waiting yet again), but hopefully we will see the new ones by the end of the year.

Until then, I’ve wanted to see more of what this new system will look like…. mainly the pod. I’m not concerned with the PDM until they come out with Dexcom integration. So, the websnooper that I am, I went to the site where the new pods are approved – The Netherlands. Granted, if you go there, you have to use Google to translate it if you want to read it, but there is a video on there showing what it looks like as the actress fills and places it on her skin. Still can’t tell how much of a difference in size there is? Here’s a few pictures for comparison (all of which belong to the mylife Omnipod site)


And, because I’m very much a visual person, I created this:

Everything including the blue outline should be about the size of the new pod.



Though I can’t find real evidence of this, there has been said that the new cannula will have a blue hue to it so you can see it better through the window. But here’s my question: What about when there’s condensation built up in the window? How do you get rid of it to see the cannula?

Also, if you watch the video, the insertion is at a 50° angle instead of the 45° one. Whether or not this is much difference, I don’t know, but I do know that for some, the 45° doesn’t suit their needs.

While I’m excited about a smaller pod, I’m still more interested in the integration. Either way, I know I said I’d never consider an Omnipod again (or any patch-pump for that matter), recent events have had me re-thinking it and re-weighing options (Like, Kip thinking my tubing is a fun toy and pulling out my sites.) My only complaint is that even with the redesign, they believe that their pod is a one-fits-all, which is not true. Not everyone can wear a standard ~9mm cannula (going in at a depth of 6.5mm). Maybe a ~13mm cannula with a depth of 9mm? Like the longer Silhouette sets.

So what do you think? For those of you who didn’t want the pod before because of it’s size, would the new, smaller size turn your thought wheels? If there were anything you could do to improve the pod (other than the size), what would it be?

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  1. it’s like you read my mind!! I was just asking Briley about this today!!! I’m looking into to switching from Medtronic (on my 3rd pump in 10 months) and if this new pod really is smaller I’d be totally into it. Keep us posted if you hear any further news 🙂

  2. I’ve been using the Omnipod for almost 2 years now. I love being tubeless! I never look at the canula. I normally place the pod lengthwise as recommended on my abdomen either side of belly button so I would have to be a contorsionist with a mirror to even attempt to look in the very small “window” and even then what does it show you? I’ve always gone by my bgs readings to determine if the pod is working or not. If you placed it the back of your arm you could not see the canula either. I too was told when I began using the Omnipod that it would be integrated with the dexcom as well as a possible iphone app. Well I am still waiting and don’t regret going tubeless before the integration which may or may not happen. For 30 years I’ve been waiting for an “artificial pancreas” so I don;t have to “think” about my D-zzz. Lovvez and huggez, McSick aka Mary… 8)

  3. I have an OP, and I have to say I love it. I just can’t see how anyone could complain about the size. I’d rather have it on me, than have to carry a pump clipped to my pants, with tubing attached. I’ve been podding since July 1st, 2011 and I don’t notice it at all. Won’t complain about smaller size though, or the integration, which I wish they’d get a move on!

  4. “It has been said…blue hue”. 🙂 Indeed. I can’t remember officially where I read this. If it comes to me, I’ll come back. Plus, Bennet just said there was no reference to DexCom integration with OmniPod on DexCom call yesterday (or the day before…). 🙁

    1. Hey Lorraine,
      I just called Omnipod and the rep there said they are still filling for FDA approval for the Dexcom integration. They are shooting for approval for the PDM/CGM integration completion in early 2013 (whenever that means, Thank you FDA!).

      Sidenote, the new pods will be coming out before the new PDM/CGM. They are hoping for approval for those in a couple of months and then they’ll be sending out an email to let everyone know that they will be shipping those out. They WILL work with the current PDM, so no upgrade will be issued at that time.

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