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  1. Love your sister’s humor – that made me giggle! 🙂 #wakeywakey

    But I can relate – as you know 😉 I’m on a loaner Dex Share this week and so far I am loving it. I have my husband and 2 friends set up on it right now. These 2 friends are just during the trial period, because both are parents of T1 kiddos and wanted to see how the Share feature works. 🙂 (I have another bff that will be set up if I decide to make the switch – because my hubs travels a lot and she’s 5 min away from me.) But yesterday I started to drop low (according to Dex, it turned out to be a bad calibration) and both of them within 5 min of each other texted me to tell me to eat a snack. 😉 And the first morning I woke up with mine on, my husband asked me if I went low overnight – I was proud of him for checking how my numbers had looked overnight. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. I use manual daily injections but wear Enlite sensors with an older Medtronic pump as a CGM. I almost never hear the alarm in the middle of the night. I set my phone alarm / 5 in a row, 5 minutes apart. I don’t know if anyone will watch my sugars (darn! Always wished for a sister..!), but I’m just ordering Dexcom after issues with Enlites not working – though it does work many times too but I read so much about Dexcom and insurance will cover. Now to find people awake at night and how to get them to understand the numbers and what they mean as fully as I do? Not sure about that one. It’s a big responsibility. Most people are snoring and dreaming when I’m up checking and snacking. Kudos to your sister on a great catch!!!

    1. The standard Dexcom receiver doesn’t have the Bluetooth capabilities in it in order for it to share your data with the iPhone/iPod app. The Dexcom with Share has it.

      1. Yup… I just did some research myself & came back to post a “Nevermind” reply… Looks like the bluetooth connection is iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) only… I’m a person with a (very small) background in programming (mostly out dated stuff) & I don’t understand why they don’t also have an Android app… (or a Blackberry app for that matter…) It might be nice to also see a PC based Bluetooth reciever app for Windows &/or Mac… Bluetooth is fairly universal, so it shouldn’t be limited to only *ONE* platform…

        You’ve got a great blog, & I’ve learned a lot from your posts… Keep up the good work & the good fight!

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