IMG_5596As luck would have it, I’ve started having a cold. Just one of those irritating sinusy type where you can’t seem to breathe through either side of your nose and your throat just has a strange tickle. Meanwhile, each time you sneeze, it’s like the pressure in your head has reached maximum capacity and it literally hurts your skull.

Usually, this means full-on 200+ blood sugars until it’s over. This usually means that I, no matter what I do, will barely spend ANY time “in the zone” of my Dexcom graph.

However, this time is different. I’ve (thankfully) been able to avoid it and my bg’s have been pretty good. Granted, I think the lack of taste for food has something to do with it…. which makes me think that maybe I need a little more carb restriction anyway.

Now, if only I could find something to clear my sinuses like these Haribo gummies clean out, well, just click the link and read the comments/reviews. You’re welcome.

Have a great Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Sinusy”

  1. Try a Neti pot!! I used it when I had a sinus infection and it helped clear everything out! Also doesn’t require any drugs, which I’m a fan of.

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