Spots between the ridges. #dartday

Poked Finger


I’m still planning on making/panting/drawing an actual “thing” for Diabetes Art Day, but I wanted to submit something today since, you know, today is actually Diabetes Art Day. I may go off of this inspiration, but we’ll see.

I wanted to include all diabetics in my choice this year. One thing that is universal to all types is the finger pokes. We all have to poke them with lancets and draw blood to check our glucose levels. It’s a balancing act we all have to do each day and it centers around the blood that flows from our fingers (most of the time), and over time, we get holes in our fingerprints themselves. They are distorted and funny looking where the scars from constant poking are embedded into the grain of our swirls and ridges.

Want to know more about what Diabetes Art Day is and what it’s about? Go here. To see more photos that others have submitted to the galleries, you can click on the links (one for general gallery and one for the children’s gallery) on the right-hand side of the Diabetes Art Day website.

And, as always, thank you so much, Lee Ann, for all of your hard work and dedication into making this initiative such a great success.

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