This is a feature I have never had to use before. I’ve never worried about accidental button presses or anything else. Actually, apart from doing it in my training over 3 years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever used it….

Until last night.

And, honestly, the only reason why I remembered how to do it was because I was recently on hold trying to call about my meter and they had one of those automated message things come on to tell you how it’s activated. Anyway, back to the story.

So, last night, the kidlet and I were sitting in the big recliner rocking and watching the premier to one of my favorite shows ( Switched At Birth – I watch it because of the sign language. I learned it in high school, and it’s fun to actually know what they’re saying!…well, most of the time anyway) and I looked down and there it was… in the bolus menu with the kidlet just breezing through.

HOLY MOLY! I sorta freaked for a couple seconds.

If I hadn’t looked down, he could have bolused me and I wouldn’t have known it until it had started to deliver.

Of course, I also have to think that he probably wouldn’t have been terribly successful, but still… wow. Just. Whoa. I immediately put the pump into (LOCKED) mode. Thank GOODNESS I just so happened to hear that little prompt a week or so ago. Granted, I could have just moved it out of his sight, but I was thankful that I had remembered the simple step.

So, If you have an Animas Ping and maybe don’t remember how to lock it, all you do is press and hold the up and down arrow buttons together until it shows (LOCKED), and again to unlock it. Easy-peasy.

Now, I need to figure out how to have a (LOCKED) function on the TV remote…

What’s New Monday No. 4

1. One thing that’s new is my new (replacement) BLUE Animas Ping pump.

I had been on the fence about whether to wait to upgrade in December or just get the broken, cracked green one I had replaced. After a lot of talking with Erik, I decided to get it replaced. I was told I would have to get a green one because they can’t replace and swap them out with a different color (I asked if I could get a pink replacement), and I was perfectly fine with that. I mean, my blog colors are blue, green, and purple, so pink would just be out of “range” anyways. Well, when the replacement Ping came, I opened the box and actually gasped. Then I laughed. I couldn’t believe it. I had been sent a blue one by accident… and what’s so cool about it is that I got it on November 1st! The FIRST day of National Diabetes Awareness Month! So far, I am back in love with the Ping. Not because it’s blue, but I really do think something was freaky wrong with my other one. I don’t have problems with the buttons like I did with the green one. I probably should have had it replaced way before, but I didn’t know they were as un-responsive as they were until I got this blue one. Oh, and I’ve chosen to name this one. My cousin actually nicknamed me “Blue Fireball” (long story) before I got it, so I’m passing on the nickname to it.


2. Even though I love the Contour Next USB Link meter, it doesn’t upload into Diasend. So, I’ll be switching back to the Verio meter. It’s not the best, but it’s better than my other meters. I’m very much a “data-driven” diabetic, and I do not like having multiple places to upload all of my equipment. I’m not going to upload my pump one place, my meter another place, and my CGM another. If I can at least keep my pump and meter combined into one place, I’m good.


3. Scott from PumpPeelz, the OmniPod skin maker, messaged me and asked if I would spread the word about their new product. They have teamed up with Team Type 1 to make an awesome design for a OmniPod Pump Peelz with the TT1 logo on it. Sales from it will help benefit Camp Kudzu, a camp to help “educate, empower, and inspire children living with diabetes”. I’m very much a diabetes camp fan, and I know how it is to need to raise the funds to keep these types of things going for the kids. The years I had gone, I was able to go via “scholarship”, and was SO very thankful to have that opportunity. Camp is something that I believe every single child with diabetes should be able to experience, so any cause that helps a diabetes camp out, I’m all for. If you use the OmniPod, please consider getting one of these “skins”. They’re cool, durable, and helps an awesome cause.

Photo courtesy of Scott from PumpPeelz


 4. Oh, and JUST in case you missed it, there’s a National Diabetes Awareness Month Photo-A-Day challenge on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. I wrote about it Friday, as well as many others, and it’s a BIG hit. If you’re not a part of it, JOIN IN THE FUN! You’ll be glad you did. If you need the prompts again, here they are:

 You just take a picture in Instagram, tag it with the day’s topic and #ndamphotoaday and share it! That’s it! Come on… you know ya want to! Wanna see what others have posted? Look at the feed here.


5. Even though I love my blue Ping, I’m still going to move forward with getting the t:slim. I’ll keep it as a backup, and all of my other pumps (except for the Revel) are going to be traded in. The Revel is being packed up in a special box and when my cousin needs it, it’s all hers. I will pay to have the warranty transferred at that time, but I just don’t see the point of having a bazillion pumps in my possession for “backup”s. I know she will take care of it too. My decision to do chose the Revel was because I know the sets for the Ping will interchange with the t:slim, and I’ll only have to hold on to a couple of boxes of reservoirs for it, not a whole enchilada of supplies for the Revel. I don’t want to have happen with the Revel that I did with my old Spirit pump – I went through my stuff a couple of weeks ago and found BOOKOODLES of reservoirs and sets that are now expired. And, call me crazy, but my numbers have done better on the Ping. I have YET to figure that one out.


That’s about it. I hope you all have a great week. Happy voting tomorrow!

The One Where I Become My Own Philosopher



We all have our own. We’re all different – some more than others – and we have to live our lives with whatever choices or preferences are best for us, not for everyone else.

I’m the sort of person who gets easily wrapped up in the common thing. The popular thing. I’m also one to want the latest and greatest of all technology to feed my inner geekiness.

As with all things, sometimes, it’s best to step back from the OOoooo’s and AAAAHHhhhh’s of whatever it is you’re looking at and just think about the basics and compare needs to options and make the best decision for YOU, not because someone else is doing it.

Think about what is going to work for you for the long-haul. Think about what is going to make your life flow. Every choice will have speed bumps to go with it, but it helps to think about it and make the one the choice that will have the least speed bumps in your own flow of life.

Make reasonable choices off of the facts.

Not all that glitters is gold… and all gold doesn’t glitter at every angle.

I’m not just saying this in reference to insulin pumps or meters or any other diabetes technology, although it is what spurred the thought process for me. But it also applies to anything in life, really.

Okay, I’m done being my own philosopher today.

Have a great Wednesday!

Abby Cadabby Returns

Abby Cadabby returns.

After a week or so on the Animas Ping and the month on the OmniPod, I have decided to go back on my Minimed pump.


The Omnipod didn’t work because I need a longer cannula length.

The Ping.. well, I used it without the remote after a few days. The remote is nice at times, but it was irritating at times too. By the end of it, I was just bleeeeh about the Ping. It’s okay, and a very stable, good pump. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it.

So why the switch?


Ease of use when it comes to technology is very important to me, and this system has the easiest (in my opinion).

It came time to upload my pump and meter and the software, for me, is a pain in the buttocks. I still like the fact that everything can be logged into the Revel so that all you have to do is upload it via the USB device and there’s your whole complete logbook.

I’m still not quite concrete about the decision yet. But I do feel better about having weeded out the OmniPod option. Now it just comes down to the Revel and Ping and whether remote bolusing means more than easier upload of data.

The Right Stuff

I don’t know why this seems to be a “revelation” to me this week, but it has been. Blame it on the fact that I realize now that the reason why I’ve never been able to let my hair just “air dry” is because it’s wavy – I just have to put a little effort into it. But that effort is null without the right product. So, I’m on the hunt to find out the right product to emphasize and bring out that natural wavy goodness.



What does that have to do with diabetes? Everything.

We all know that diabetes is different for everyone (YDMV {Your Diabetes May Vary}), but everyone’s treatment is also different. It’s not a one-size-fits-all disease. Not everyone needs or wants to use an insulin pump, and not everyone wants to use shots all their life either. And those who do use pumps, there are many many many different brands. Where you might like an Animas Ping Pump, others might prefer their Minimed Revel {raises hand!}, or you might want to go “wireless” all together.

Some prefer not to have a CGM (why, I’ll never know), while others practically fight tooth, nail, arm, leg, and foot to have one. Some go with the “egg“, others either integrated into their pump or separate if on injections.

Some pull out measuring cups, spoons, weight scales and all manner of measuring devices for each meal to get spot on carb counts. {During pregnancy, I was one of these people. Anal, yes, but hey, it worked for me!} While others are fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants SWAG {scientific wild a~~ guess} champions who eyeball foods based on carbs known in portion sizes… mostly relative to sizes of fists, palms, and thumbs.

All in all, you have to make your diabetes work for you. You also have to use the tools that work best for you. What works for someone else may not be what works the best for you. Research the options to their fullest extent. Ask yourself, “Will this really benefit me? Is this something I can keep up with long-term or is it just a “oooo, pretty!” decision?” And most importantly, keep in mind that the technology we have is pretty darn awesome, but it’s not perfect.

Now, off to research hair products.


A Plea To UnoMedical

Today, I had to change out my entire set up – cartridge, site, tubing, everything, because it was time to do so.

Diabetics who are on insulin pumps and do this multiple times per week follow the routine and hope that everything works out ok.

We change out sets, test, and watch our blood sugars to be sure everything is working correctly.

But sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes we choose a place that isn’t optimal for site insertion due to scar tissue.

Sometimes we hit a bleeder.

Sometimes absorption just is down-right crappy in the area we chose for no reason at all.

Which leads us to have to change out the site and put in a new one.

This is something that is happening more and more as I try my best to find optimal real-estate for sites during this pregnancy. I try not to use tummy sites (but I will if I must), and leg sites are pretty well out of the question now.

All of this leads to this one point… This one plea to UnoMedical, the maker of the Inset that I use.

Please, UnoMedical, make a box available of just sites… not the whole shebang of tubing connected. Why? Because of this:

Wasted Tubing

I had to do a site change because this morning’s site wasn’t absorbing. The tubing is fine, just the site needed to be in a different place. This created a big waste of otherwise perfectly good tubing.

Granted, that would be some awesome tubing to save for a Diabetes Art Project, but I would rather not waste, but rather use it for it’s intended purpose. If I held on to these suckers, I could probably have a drawer-full of never-been-used tubings from simple site changes.

I know I’m probably wasting my breath (or typing abilities?) here, but I do think that this is something needed. I would certainly appreciate having some spare sites only for times like these.

The Battle of the Bulge

No.. Not THAT bulge… I’m talking about this bulge —->>>>>>>>>

the bulge

I’m a pocket girl. I love my pants pockets since they hold my cellphone and diabetes devices right at arm’s length so I don’t have to fumble with lost items in a purse. Jeans are best not only for comfort, but because you have 4 pockets – 2 in front, 2 in back.

But with most of my work pants (pre-pregnancy and maternity), I only have front pockets. Which, before the maternity pants, I was able to wear a belt, so the bulge didn’t look so bad, but this? This is downright… well, unfashionable. Granted, I am very happy to have both of these wonderful devices helping me, but seriously? It’s days like this when I REEEALLY wish there were a way to sandwich those things together into one device.

So, Animas and Dexcom, this post is for you. I know from reports of people who have talked to your reps that each one of you is blaming the other or the FDA (which that part is completely understandable) for the delay in merging the pump/cgm system together. Please stop playing the blame game. I love the both of you dearly since both of your products make it so much easier for me to live (especially you, Animas, since your pump is the first one to actually “fit” me and my needs since the old Disetronic H-tron+ that I wore out after 6 1/2 years of use), but I am becoming quite envious of the Minimed people who have their pump/cgm combo in the Revel system.

This would mean so much to me. No more searching for a place to put the pump AND cgm. No more searching for the cgm period when I ‘ve somehow managed to get it in-between the bed sheet and comforter at 3am and it’s buzzing off the wall to let me know that I’m super low and need to wake up or going high and I need a quick, small bolus. Heck, forget losing it in the bed… these days, me losing the CGM ANYWHERE is possible… and happening more frequently. No more pump weighing down one pocket and cgm weighing down the other, all the while looking like I have not one growth, but two.

I know I sound like a whiny baby, and maybe I am, but I know this is something that a lot of us d-folk who use Animas and Dexcom systems in the DOC (diabetes online community) have been waiting and waiting and waiting to have this happen since it was first promised, and every time the timeframe for a rumored release date is given, we hang our head and sigh. So, Animas and Dexcom.. are we really on board for integration? Truly… how much longer are we going to have to wait?


Yours Truly,