TallyGear : New Case and Revamp of Old One.

I have been a fan of TallyGear for a LOOOOONG time… like, I think since Donna, the creator of the TummieTote, first started and only had the TummieTotes and headbands. My most favorite thing that she offers is the Dexcom cases because they provide a way for me to clip my Dexcom anywhere and make it cute too.

Not too long ago, she sent me one of her new products, the neoprene Dexcom case. One thing I noticed is while it provides protection from bumps and things, (and this is going to sound silly probably) is that the loop for the clip was located on the bottom of the case, not on one of the sides. This way, the Dexcom actually hung straight and not at an angle… which was something that always bothered me but I figured it was just how it needed to be made or something. So, when it came time to order a new Dexcom case (my old pink one was getting worn), I asked if she could make one the same way as the neoprene was and just move the clip loop to the bottom… and she DID!

photo 2 (4)
Old one on top, new one on bottom

I absolutely love having it there now and my OCD can be quiet as hit hangs straight now. Plus, with the amount of fabric that folds over, there’s little to no risk of the Dexcom falling out (I slung it around quite a bit… no movement).

With these, I also ordered a clip-on alert tag. I know these could be used as zipper pulls for bags and things, but I sort of like it clipped to my Dexcom…

photo 1 (3)

photo 4

Now, I didn’t ask her to, but she also sent me one of their new silicone “Bump” cases too. It’s pretty cool. It gives the Dexcom some shock absorption without having to put it into a case if you don’t want to. Though you could technically put it into a regular TallyGear Dexcom case and have both prettiness, a clip, screen protection AND bump protection… if you wanted to.. without buying a neoprene case… but I caution you… it’s a bugger to get in and out of the regular TallyGear clip case, so it would be if you are someone who doesn’t change very often. But alone, it’s a good, form-fitting case if you want your Dexcom to be naked but protected too. It’s also good for giving a little absorption to the rattle of the vibrator action if it alerts you while it’s sitting on a table. I’ve been scared crapless more than once for forgetting I left it on my desk and it will vibrate when all is quiet. While that’s totally cool at night for be able to wake me up, it’s not so cool at work and it scares your boss too.

photo 3

photo 5

Oh, and you can still access your charge port on the side through the slit in the case, but you may have to spread the opening a bit if you have a fat-headed charger.


Myabetic Dexcom G4 Case: First Impressions

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I had a surprise in my mailbox today. The Myabetic Dexcom case that I had pre-ordered had arrived. With giddy excitement, I opened the box in the parking lot of the post office, and placed my Dexcom inside. (Which is funny, because I just received the email this morning stating it was shipped. That’s some super fast service from California to SC right there, people!)

One thing you’ll notice right off is that instead of the holder being on the top of the case once it’s opened (like the standard one that the Dexcom comes with), it’s on the bottom… which makes much more sense in my opinion. Also, there is a safety strap that goes across the top and tucks into a small slit in the back of the case to keep the Dexcom from slipping out if the magnetic closure were to come loose.

The case is form-fitting, with holes cut out where the Dexcom’s speaker is, as not to hinder the alarm sounds. Also, there is a cut out on the side for charging, which is good, but in order to charge it, the cover would have to remain open as the case doesn’t easily allow the port cover to be moved up and down. It also covers the face of the Dexcom, so you’re least likely to damage it (I’ve already got tons of scratches on it) and also it provides privacy (which is also good… I don’t want others to see when I’m “Above 160”).

Not quite sure how I feel about the attached strap though. I’ve never been one to use one. Typically I replace them with a simple C-clip and attach them to my purse handle so that the cases aren’t swinging around, but that’s all about personal preference.

After a week, I’ll let you guys know what I think of it. I feel like I’m having an affair with my beloved TallyGear cases though. It’s going to feel weird.

It’s A Sugar Special

‘Cause Everyone Needs a Little Sugar!

Haha! That was the line someone emailed to me not to long ago and that has stuck in my mind ever since. Well, today, I’m here to share a little sugar with you. {Notice, I didn’t say “suga”.}

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a mission to find another “perfect” case for my testing supplies. I used the Myabetic Xpress case for months now. It is a wonderful case, very portable and small. But the one thing I couldn’t do with it was keep up with my log book. Since I’m on a mission to keep a log of my life (may as well call it that… since I track pretty much everything except bathroom visits and sleep), I needed to be able to keep up with the log book WITH my meter. Because, as my dad used to say, I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached!

Well, as I was searching, I came across a site I hadn’t seen before. It’s called Sugar Medical Supply. I saw the bags and fell completely in love. And, after a few emails back and forth with Carolyn Jäger, the founder of Sugar Medical Supply, she agreed to let me try out one of her bags in exchange for a post about what I thought of it.

Sugar Medical Supply - Java BloomSugar Medical Supply

I love the idea of putting the glucose tabs in the case too! (Though I’d rather have the lollipop!)

I received the bag the day after Thanksgiving and was super excited. Here’s a few pics of the bag when I got it, and after I filled it:

I have to say. I am in love with this case. It’s not flimsy like the bags that come with the meters, though it’s not quite as stiff as the Myabetic case. I can fit everything I need in to it – medical ID, glucose tabs, meter, pricker, pen, alcohol swabs, and my logbook, and I still have room.

So what sets this one apart from most other bags?

This one has an adjustable strap for the meter – so no matter what meter you use, (mostly – like, I’m sure there are a few tiny ones that won’t fit), you will be able adjust the strap to fit by wrapping the strap around and securing it. And, since it’s a strong Velcro closure, you can change it if you get another meter, or it can hold your current meter in place very securely. I haven’t had it slip once ye after a full week of abuse!

The case is made out of an easy-to-clean material, which comes in several different styles to match your personality. No more boring black bag! YEY!

And, for those of you using pens, it can easily hold those too!

Now the best part about this bag? IT’S AFFORDABLE! Yep, compared to others I have priced, it is very reasonably priced. One thing I could not stand while on my hunt was the price of some other bags. I mean, seriously?!? Diabetes already costs an arm and a leg… and sometimes the other leg. I don’t want to give my remaining arm for a bag to carry my stuff in! Well, you don’t have to with these. And you know what’s even better??? Between now and January 31st, you can get 20% OFF  by giving the discount code SUGABETIC (must be all caps) at checkout! I’ll even have a button in my sidebar that will link to her site, but I’m no code guru, so you’ll have to remember to enter the code when you check out.

They even gift wrap too! You may even find one that you’d like to give as a gift to your special “sweetie” for Christmas! So, hurry on over and check out what she has to offer!