Having my cake and eating it too!

1245941805XiCGtiToday, I am celebrating my 25th birthday. I am at that age where people start dreading getting older because the only thing they have to look forward to is trying to unsuccessfully stop time even up until the night before the big 3-0. I, on the other hand, am not. I see birthdays as a celebration, no matter what the age may be.

For my birthday, I have a goal to not overly worry about my diabetes on this day. Of course, I am not going to go overboard and just completely ignore it (and, yes, tomorrow, I’ll go back to being my regular diabetes worrier and freak out over any bg reading that is out of line), but I am not going to let it take first place today. I will go out and enjoy every minute of my day to the best of my ability. Not only because birthdays are days for family, friends, and cake and ice cream, but because it is a reminder that I have, for one more day, lived to see another year into my life. Diabetes takes a lot out of you, it causes damage if not controlled, and some even lose their lives to it. But, today, God has let me cross that mid-twenty mark. I am alive, and, outside of diabetes, I am well.  I am thankful for every minute, day, and year I have lived. So tonight, when me and my hubby go out for my celebratory dinner (not forgetting to count my carbs carefully), I will order desert, I will order cake and I will eat it too! 🙂