It’s December, Honey!

I cannot tell you guys how happy I am for it to be December! The Christmas decorations are (mostly) up, scents of peppermint and evergreen fill my house, and it’s finally getting cold outside! Yes, I am excited about the cold weather because we don’t get it a lot here in SC. It’s usually no colder than 15° (That I can ever remember in my life!) and as hot as 115° some summers. I’m really hoping we get snow sometime this winter as well. I know all of you northerners are probably rolling your eyes at me and thinking, “Oh, if she only knew!”, but really, if you only knew what it was like to grow up and only see snow, like, maybe one day every year or two or three, you’d understand why all of us southerners get all excited when the least little flurry comes our way.


Otherwise, things are going very well for me on the diabetes front.My blood sugars have been pretty easy *knock on wood!* to manage, other than a few 40’s from nowhere that creep up. I swear, it only happens when I’ve walked off from my Dexcom! The last one happened untitledduring the night, and I had rolled over on top of my receiver, so I couldn’t hear it. I had to have been seriously knocked out because I didn’t feel it either! Good thing I had made some peppermint bark though the night before! That with some milk and I was good to go back to bed. I have even figured out that if I’m headed low, four swallows of orange juice from the little one-liter Tropicana bottles is enough to bring me back into range too. My next mission? To buy some honey just for treating lows thanks to a suggestion from a friend. I’ve never used it, but I think it would be one of those things we can keep in the house that wouldn’t be snacked on and unavailable any longer when I drop low. Glucose tabs have just lost their appeal to me. I get choked up when I eat them, so I need to find other things to help with lows.


Speaking of lows, I’m off to drink some orange juice. Happy Winter!!!