Breaks Are Good

So it comes as no surprise that I was irritated yesterday. (Naaa, really, Sarah?? Never woulda thunkit! /sarcasm). I think the stress of finals this week in combination with the icky, sticky, messy heat, my allergies or pending massive summer cold, and the fact that I had gone through two sensors in two days for various reasons (and ended up having to pull yet another one last night too…strange gusher issue) had me to my breaking point and the second sensor pull had tipped the cap to my irritability.

But, on the advice of my new good friend, Scott E (yes, we have a LOT of Scotts in the DOC) as well as Stacey D, I have disconnected the CGM part of my pump for now. I don’t quite understand what happened last night, but I checked my site to be sure everything was a-okay (habit – a good one to have, mind you), and the air space inside of my tape all around my CGM site was filled with blood. Keep in mind, this was already a day old, so any bleeding should have happened within a few minutes of insertion, or so I always thought. I pulled the site and just kept it out.

I may stay on a break for a week or so…. or at least until after this week is over. I’m to the limit stress-wise with these finals, my baby’s upcoming BIRTHDAY party (Geez! Already!!????!???), and a few other things going on personally. I’m just worried that with my OCD-dBrain, I won’t be able to stand it and will have to reconnect to see the numbers.

Breaks are good……