Dex Circles

At the end of June, I wrote a post about how Scott from PumpPeelz took my design of a light blue background and lots of darker blue circles and made it into an Omnipod Pump Peelz sticker. The response from the design was, in my opinion, awesome, as the proceeds came to over $38 for the IDF. For that, I am so excited and very grateful for those of you who purchased the Peelz.

We had a plan to also make the design available for the Dexcom G4 reciever, and to get that out as soon as possible as well. I know it’s been a while, but Scott and Emily have been busy with a few other things in his world (including GETTING MARRIED! WooHOOO!!! 🙂 ).

Then, this week, I got an email from them saying the new Dexcom ones were done and available in the store!


Just as with the Omnipod ones, the proceeds for the Dexcom Peelz will be donated to the IDF’s Life for a Child.

I am so excited to have this available, and to have had the pleasure of working with Scott and Emily to make this happen.


What’s cool, fashionable, and is now hoping to help children in other countries get the insulin they need?

A Blue Circle Pump Peelz, of course!

A few months ago, I sent an image to Scott from Pump Peelz for a design to use on the pods, Verio IQ, and Dexcom stickers. It was one I had made a couple of years ago for a phone skin, and hadn’t done much with it since. Some of you may recognize it if you participate in the monthly pictures on Instagram as being the background as last year’s photo that was the idea of Abby from SixuntilMe for November’s prompt. Scott said he would work with it and see if we can get some made.

And he did.

sarahcircle_peelz (1)

This morning, I woke up to an image in my inbox and I was delighted. It looks pretty cool, I think. One request I had was that the proceeds be donated to the IDF’s Life For A Child, and Scott happily obliged. I’ve also asked that one be made for the Dexcom for those of you who aren’t on the Omnipod, which is in the works as well.

Thank you SO VERY much, Scott, for adding my design of the IDF’s WDD Blue Circles to your Pump Peelz line up! The name of this design is Sarah’s Circles, but in reality, it’s everyone’s circles. I hope that in some small way this will help the children and others who are in need.

To read more about the IDF’s Life For A Child program here.

I see blue people!

Well, not “blue people”, but a sea of people wearing blue! bluefriday

(BSuga and I – wearing Blue for the cause!)

It’s all over twitter, facebook, and flickr!


Today is Blue Friday.



It’s also the day for Project Diabetes 11.11.11.



And, today, I’m also proudly promoting Wendy from Candy Hearts Blog’s mission,


where proceeds from WDD circle merchandise will provide insulin and supplies to children in need around the world.poverty has a blue sky too


We have also signed the petition to make the World Diabetes Day Blue Circle the universal symbol for diabetes. (Will you sign too, pleeeasse???)

One disease. One world. One SYMBOL. Join the movement! Sign the petition!!

blue circle

What are you waiting for?

Go sign it…


WEAR BLUE today!


[And don’t forget about the #BigBlueTest – test your blood sugar, exercise for 14 minutes, and recheck your blood sugar. Post your results on WWW.BIGBLUETEST.ORG between now and the end of the day Monday, November 14th!!]