What I’ve Learned

I go for my second OB appointment tomorrow and I really don’t know what to expect. Some people, from what I read on the internet and talking with friends, got a second ultrasound at this checkup. Some just got measured and was told to come back in four weeks, while others went in every two weeks still. I don’t really mind what frequency I’ll be at, which he’s already said every 4 weeks, but I’m more concerned with just making sure the pregnancy is going okay, especially until I get out of the first trimester. I’ll be 9wks 3 days tomorrow, so only 2 weeks and 4 days to go til the 12 week mark, and maybe I won’t be so “up in arms” about everything.

To date, I have lost 7 pounds. I’m still eating the same amount of carbs when I get to eat, and my daily averages are about what they were before my pregnancy, except they are in smaller, more frequent meals (like, every 2 to 3 hours – no 4 to 6 hour breaks in between) and only about 20 carbs max. My guess is the frequency, size, and types of food is what’s causing the weight loss. (Of course, other’s can’t tell the weight loss, and I really wish they could because I’ve already had some to come up and say “wow! You’re already showing!” – but truth be told, that’s a roll of fat that’s always been there, I just can’t “suck it in” anymore comfortably.)

But! If I have learned anything so far in this journey, it’s this:

Waking up low will make the morning sickness worse for me.. and this is either from waking up in the morning or if I take a nap. If I wake up low, you may as well forget the good feeling I may have had that day because the sickness will be back full force. As a matter of fact, even dropping low at any given time (and not fast-low either) will make me turn green, but no where near as bad as when I wake up low.

Anything fried – including, but not limited to, bacon, fried shrimp, fried pork shop, fried chicken, fried rice, fried ham – will make me nauseously green. I cannot be in the kitchen while it’s being cooked at all. If one good thing has come out of this pregnancy 24×7 sickness (which, btw, is becoming more of hit & miss days sickness), is the fact that I cannot handle fried foods. The one thing that the south is known for and very good at making, I cannot eat. Rather, the only thing that seems to agree with me is fresh fruit, milk, and some juices. Even sweets, to a degree, turn me green.

Preggie Pop Drops from Motherhood Maternity or Amazon work wonders if you don’t want to go as far as taking an anti-nausea pill, and they’re 4g of carb each.

Dizziness isn’t just blood sugar related. Yep. I have been dizzy at times, (I even saw lots of yellow stars and had to hold on to the door post at one point to keep from falling down) and I would run to check my blood sugar only to have it be in the normal range. From what I read, this is due to your body making more blood for the baby, and getting up too fast (which even normal speed is too fast sometimes) can cause dizziness. So, if you’re pregnant, be careful standing up, but still be aware of your blood sugars just in case you are actually dizzy from being low.

The old wives tale of “the sicker you are the better because that means the placenta and baby are forming right” is totally incorrect and really isn’t comforting since my sickness is starting to work itself out of my system and the fact that some women don’t have any sickness at all.

An Almost White Christmas

hollyberryI hope everyone had a nice vacation/holiday/Christmas! I enjoyed being able to stay at home with Erik with nothing much to do other than sleeping (which has become my favorite past time!). We did our yearly Christmas rounds and watched most of the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” special that comes on every year starting Christmas Eve night. He and his family have a tradition of watching this movie. I don’t like watching it personally – it’s a cool movie and all, but not for 24 hours – but I figure it’s one of those things you just let them have their joy.

snowYesterday was a beautiful day though. You know how I keep talking about wishing and wanting snow? Well, we got it! And the day after Christmas at that! It was so exciting for us to see. (All across America I can hear a collective sigh among you guys.) And, it snowed for the rest of the day. AND it was still on the ground this morning when I left home to boot! We usually, if we get any snow and IF it sticks, will have it for a few hours one day and it’s gone. Now, granted, the sun is back out today and most of it will probably melt by lunch, but it was the most awesomest Christmas present ever to have yesterday. We got some pictures and played a little while, though I had to take it easy because I almost busted my tail taking pictures.

I got up this morning and weighed myself just knowing that since I had used a couple of my nausea pills that I might have gained at least a pound over the Christmas holiday with all the eating that is a must during this time. Nope – I’ve lost another three pounds. But looking back, I’m still eating less than I used to because of the glorious (can you just see my eyes rolling with that one?) morning 24×7 sickness. It has photo[1]gotten better, but it’s still there. I’m learning what foods are okay and what to leave the room when being cooked. I have started picking up those little bottles of Special K protein shakes and drinking half of one with my meal (which mostly consists of either crackers, grits, or rice) to try and get some kind of protein in me that I can stomach since most are off-limits for the next few weeks (well, hopefully only that long!). I do think that switching vitamins helped though. The sickness is still there, just not nearly what it used to be. If I had known that, I would have asked for those “horsepills” a lot earlier!!!

Otherwise, diabetes has been behaving for the most part. I will have to change a few basals in the early morning hours as I am waking up low around 3:30am, but otherwise things seem to be doing very well right now. We’ll know more when the next A1c comes back. Speaking of A1c’s, remember I was waiting on my other one to come back? Well, for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, it came back at 6.7. I was very upset with myself because the one time I decide to take a little break, I end up pregnant and it’s higher than it needs to be. The OB wants to re-do the test at my next visit to be sure it’s coming back down, and my endo assured me that though it did jump, it’s okay, and to keep faxing in blood sugars once a week. (I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I love my endo!)

Celebrate Now

After our families found out about the pregnancy, things started to really settle in. Everyone was excited for us. My sister-in-law works at a little gift shop and she even picked up this very cute ornament for me:


Celebrate now… You’ll be too tired later! Merry Christmas!

Although I don’t have a baby bump yet, nor is the baby here, I can almost agree with those words 100% already. All the getting up to pee at night, only being able to eat a little bit of food, and just the general exhaustion that comes with being pregnant is really getting to me. The little bean is the size a blueberry and already running me ragged! Haha!

But the big thing that’s getting to me is the low blood sugars. I know Kerri talked a lot about hers while she was pregnant with BSparl, and I have read some posts by other PWWD (Pregnant women with diabetes) on TuDiabetes, but I never knew the hassle it would be to keep my sugars under one number after eating, only to plummet later. I was thinking it was maybe because my diet was consisting of mainly only diet ginger ale and saltines, and that I wasn’t getting enough protein to carry me on those hours after eating. So, for lunch yesterday, I made a peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwich and poured myself a big glass of milk – something that has been a no-no for me for  a while before pregnancy because of the spike it would cause. This time? Nope. I spiked up to 126 (from a nice 109), stayed there for about an hour, and only to end up heading to the south pole. I know that the baby-forming process  uses a lot of your energy, but one would think I’d realize that energy means carbs which means lower blood sugars at times.

This week has been the first week I can really tell a big difference in my blood sugars. When I went to Dr. C on Tuesday, he was very confident that everything will be okay and that we needed to only tweak just a tiny bit and raise a few things and lower some others and we would be ok, but it seems those changes have made it worse. I’m thinking of going back for now just because the lows and the increasing nausea and the decreasing amount of foods I can stomach just isn’t working out right now. Which, I know some of it is probably because my basal/bolus ratio has been thrown off now too with my current diet.

Some of the stories I have read from others are quite scary in that they had the sickness throughout the whole entire pregnancy. For others, it came to an end as the first trimester does. I have 6 more weeks to know for myself. Until then, I’m going to try the tips that have been sent my way so far.

Thank you to everyone for your support and comments yesterday. You are the best!