Celebrate Now

After our families found out about the pregnancy, things started to really settle in. Everyone was excited for us. My sister-in-law works at a little gift shop and she even picked up this very cute ornament for me:


Celebrate now… You’ll be too tired later! Merry Christmas!

Although I don’t have a baby bump yet, nor is the baby here, I can almost agree with those words 100% already. All the getting up to pee at night, only being able to eat a little bit of food, and just the general exhaustion that comes with being pregnant is really getting to me. The little bean is the size a blueberry and already running me ragged! Haha!

But the big thing that’s getting to me is the low blood sugars. I know Kerri talked a lot about hers while she was pregnant with BSparl, and I have read some posts by other PWWD (Pregnant women with diabetes) on TuDiabetes, but I never knew the hassle it would be to keep my sugars under one number after eating, only to plummet later. I was thinking it was maybe because my diet was consisting of mainly only diet ginger ale and saltines, and that I wasn’t getting enough protein to carry me on those hours after eating. So, for lunch yesterday, I made a peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwich and poured myself a big glass of milk – something that has been a no-no for me for  a while before pregnancy because of the spike it would cause. This time? Nope. I spiked up to 126 (from a nice 109), stayed there for about an hour, and only to end up heading to the south pole. I know that the baby-forming process  uses a lot of your energy, but one would think I’d realize that energy means carbs which means lower blood sugars at times.

This week has been the first week I can really tell a big difference in my blood sugars. When I went to Dr. C on Tuesday, he was very confident that everything will be okay and that we needed to only tweak just a tiny bit and raise a few things and lower some others and we would be ok, but it seems those changes have made it worse. I’m thinking of going back for now just because the lows and the increasing nausea and the decreasing amount of foods I can stomach just isn’t working out right now. Which, I know some of it is probably because my basal/bolus ratio has been thrown off now too with my current diet.

Some of the stories I have read from others are quite scary in that they had the sickness throughout the whole entire pregnancy. For others, it came to an end as the first trimester does. I have 6 more weeks to know for myself. Until then, I’m going to try the tips that have been sent my way so far.

Thank you to everyone for your support and comments yesterday. You are the best!