Breaks With The #tslim

One question I have had since starting on the t:slim is…

“HOW do you take a pump break?!?”

Pen!Since the pump is charged, not battery-operated, you can’t just simply note your settings, disconnect, and pull the battery. And certainly you wouldn’t want the pump to drain dead because that could be bad (or I would think it would… don’t hold me to it).  So I did what any good customer would…

I text my trainer and asked.

And she replied:

“Plug the pump into the wall outlet and press and hold the top button (the Screen On / Quick Bolus button) for a very very long time and eventually it powers down to ‘sleep mode’ {editors note – also known as “shelf mode}. Then the next time you plug in the t:slim to a power source it will wake back up. You will have to change out the cartridge but all your settings are still saved.”

Well, color me impressed, Tandem. No more resetting all of my basal rates and stuff. I also called Tandem customer support to verify and the rep (Hi Manny!!!) basically walked me through the exact same steps, with a couple of extra things… make sure the pump is charged to 100% before doing this because even though it is in sleep mode – the same mode it was in when it arrived from the factory – it does still use minimal power. This way your settings are saved, just no other operations are done with the pump. Also, if the above steps don’t seem to work and you are trying to do this through a wall-outlet power source, try plugging it into the computer and try again. Not sure why this happens, but sometimes it is the trick to make it work.

I also asked how long you could do this for. Granted, my pump breaks are rarely more than a month. But he said that it could last 1-2 months. But, if you’re someone who takes long breaks, there may be a little more involved like waking it up once a month, recharging, and putting it back to sleep.

So, YAY! Pump breaks ARE possible with the t:slim!

Memory Error

My poor Abby Cadabby is being replaced.

While on my Revel “pump break” from the beginning of August until this week, I did as always had and removed the battery and stored it back in the box with all of the Revel component parts. This week, when I pulled it back out, I simply put the battery back in, set the time and date, entered my basal rates and such, and went on about my business. No big deal right?

Last night, I decided to upload my pump just to see how the past two days had been since being on it. I plugged in my CareLink USB and went through the process to upload, and it failed. Thinking it must have just lost signal, I clicked the button that was going to “retry” the process. Failed. So, I checked my pump, checked the USB connection, and tried once more. Failed again. I even restarted my computer thinking maybe something was going amiss inside of the computer parts and just needed to be reset. Nope, the upload failed twice more. I contemplated calling into the 24-Hr help line, but then again, being raised the way I was – that it’s impolite to call after 9pm unless it’s an emergency – I decided not to because it was 10:45pm and I didn’t want to be a bother over something that seemed minor in comparison to a pump just not working at all. But I sat there… freaking out that something was wrong with my pump or I was doing something wrong upon upload (which I couldn’t figure out because I had done this process MANY times before). So, I called.

The lady I spoke with was VERY nice. One thing that I do like about their help line is that I don’t get a “Peggy”. I get a person who can talk and understand me just as well as I do them. That means A LOT to me. So, I described my problem and the representative walked me through where to look for some error codes in my pump… specifically A21 and A17… both of which I had. What do those mean? WEEEEEELLLLLLL…. Because I had removed the battery for such a long time, it caused a problem with the pump’s internal memory, causing all of my data to be unretrieveable. So, she made a record of what happened and had a replacement shipped out last night… at 10:45pm…..

And guess what?

Yeah. That’s right. I’m going to have it TODAY! By LUNCH break!


Support to door in less than 24 hours!

That, along with the super rep who I can’t for the life of me remember her name but I’ll always remember how very very nice she was, helps me feel better about my battery mess-up. Oh, and a tip she shared with me last night –  if you’re on the Revel and you’re thinking of taking a pump break, keep the battery in and set the basal rates to as low as they can possibly go and turn off your alarms. Just be sure to remember to reset everything as you had it when you go back on it.

Duly noted. 🙂


With diabetes, you gotta be silly sometimes.

Friday, being just a weird, off-day for me, (and to make a very long, extremely complicated story simple) and started off with me having to use my backup insulin pen at work. Since I don’t like the idea of wasting insulin, I figured it was time for a pump break anyways, and started on insulin pens.

Then I got this idea.

It’s Blue Friday, right? And Mike from Spain is collecting diabetes-related pictures for Diabetes 11.11.11? And my pen is blue (mostly)…

Which resulted in this:


Which I tweeted and facebooked.

Not too much longer, Dave (@SowerBee) tweeted me this back:

(Total AWEsomesauce, dude!)

Diabetes doesn’t always have to be so serious. You just have to know how to be fun with it.

Way to go, guys!


Happy WORLD DIABETES DAY everyone!

Have you done your Big Blue Test? If not, do it and input your results at: !