Glooko, t:slim, and Dexcom = My Dream d-Data System

I remember using Glooko way back when I had the old iPhone 4s cable (I actually found it in one of my supply boxes yesterday) that connected to my freestyle meter. I honestly don’t know how long I’ve had that account, but I’m glad that I do.

glookoWhen I first had my t:slim, Glooko and mySugr were the two apps I kept my data in before t:connect was approved by the FDA. In a way, I hated it because I *had* to manually log everything. But, in a way, it was good because I had to pay attention to everything. I think that was the only time I had the lowest A1c ever because I had to think about it and manually log, so I kept everything in check regularly. But, I always liked their reports, and the app interface.

Now, Glooko has come a long way from how it looked back then. There is so much more to the app, and we can connect more things. I like that I can upload my Bayer Contour Next meter into the system with my Nexus tablet, and that I can set Glooko to pull my Dexcom data from the Dexcom “cloud” via my Apple Healthkit. They are also making strides to also include pumps into the upload process. Just recently, they were able to add the Omnipod and they’re working on a way to add the Medtronic pumps into the lineup.

I have gone back to logging and have downloaded my own reports just to see how they compare to other sites such as the t:connect and Diasend online apps. Honestly, I have to say, I like the Glooko app’s reports SO much better. They are simple yet comprehensive. They are easy to glance over or delve into – however you need them, they have it; they are the perfect combination.

With t:connect, you’re limited on the meters you’re allowed to upload with, and if you don’t use the t:slim G4, you can’t upload your Dexcom into the system – which I think is absolutely crazy. I like their reports too, but without Dexcom in it, I feel like I’m not getting the whole picture. I might would consider changing meters otherwise if they did, but they don’t, and I don’t think they will.

While I like Diasend (I don’t *love* it) because I can practically use any meter I want to use (a.k.a., my beloved Bayer Contour Next USB). Currently, Diasend does not pull data from Dexcom if you have the G5 – neither from the receiver itself nor the Dexcom Cloud if you are in the US, which I am. So since upgrading to the G5 system, I no longer have access to full-data reports, and I’m back at being as frustrated as ever.

Glooko App and tslimAfter seeing the Glooko reports, I really want Glooko to be my go-to web service for all of my diabetes devices. The reports are easy to read and understand, and don’t look like they are from 1990. Since I can’t manually log my basal rates and temp basals and things like that (they say it’s so that records stay consistent, yet I can manually log boluses…. which if I don’t, that would be an inconsistent record as well… so I don’t really follow that logic), I only get 3/4 of the picture. I want my t:slim to be able to upload so that I can get the full report. The reports look to be really comprehensive but I can’t take advantage of it until I can upload my pump.

So, with that being said, I’ve talked with people from Glooko and they are willing to work with Tandem if Tandem is willing to work with them. And, of course, this is something we have to bring up to the companies. Sometimes they will work on things a little faster if their customer base raises their voice and gives them a nudge.

When I called Tandem earlier this week, someone else had already called and put in a request too, so it’s something that not only I am wanting as well. If you don’t want to call them, that’s ok. There is a web form as well that you can fill out and request it – easy peasy.

So, ladies and gentlemen… can I ask a favor? If you use a t:slim, can you go online to Tandem’s contact form (or call and personally request it if you happen to have to call them anyway) and request that Tandem work with Glooko? Pleeeaase??? With a cherry on top?? Thanks!!


So I’ve been exercising with my sisters-in-law at night to try to lose some weight and get “fit” before vacation next month. Last night, we went walking (2.8 miles!! yay!) and for a 1/4 mile, I ran {yes, me, I finally ran 1/4 mile straight!}. The only thing is, my pump (the t:slim) was right next to my body.

Today, I’ve been having issues with highs. Like, spikey ones and ones that make me sick to my stomach. I haven’t had this in a while, and I’m worried about if the heat cooked my insulin? I know others can’t use Apidra in the t:slim because of how much heat the little pump gives off anyway, and now I’m wondering if out in exposed settings, it can overheat even Novolog (which has the highest temperature tolerance of the three RA insulins). Which would be bad, because with summer comes heat and we go to the beach every year for vacation and spend a lot of time outside playing there.


I only had switched back to the t:slim to be able to study my reports (because I can’t stand Diasend), but I’m thinking maybe if it can’t handle heat too, then what’s the point? I certainly don’t want to be switching out every two days either. And my reports? Well, they’re all screwed up to heck and back.. and what’s worse is I think it is because I put the pump to “sleep” back in March when I went on break from it and it messed up the pump memory (Tandem is looking into this).

I’m just baffled by this. I never had this issue with my Animas pump (which I’m strongly thinking of going back to and not looking back at all ever again).  I have plenty of stocked up supplies for my Ping, so I may as well switch back. I just hate how picky this t:slim pump is seeming to be for me. It’s really cool and I think they have  a great product, but it’s just not working out for me the more and more I use it. (Oh, and did you know the smallest basal rate you can set on it is 0.1? Not great for those who need tiny basals like 0.025u/hr.)

Have any of you other Tandem t:slim users had this problem??


I’m going through and uploading and studying reports today to see if I can get anything figured out in this mess I have. See, lately, I’ve been having some down-right weird numbers, and honestly, I’ve lost all control of everything.  So, since I love the simplicity of the t:slim reports, I switched back onto my t:slim pump Tuesday and I uploaded my pump and meter this morning.


Right away I see a big problem. My basal/bolus is no where near “in line” with each other as they used to be, and my food bolus amount is almost 9u higher than my daily basal. That’s just ridiculous (for me)! Not to mention, my daily dose average is about 10u above what I usually average! So, that right there is a big part of my problem.

I need to get my eating back under control.Going lax for one day is fine, but not as long as I have been. Which is why I’ve picked back up on Weight Watchers. No, it’s not the best plan out there, but something about it just makes it easier for me to follow. I’m also going to try the CalorieKing Control My Weight app that tracks calories (plus, it shows you carbs per meal which makes counting them up SO easy!!)

So, do any of you use any apps to track your food intake? To help you get back in-line diet wise when you’ve gotten off-track?



Okay, so apparently there’s something waaaay off here with that report up there. I’ve emailed Tandem about it and hope to hear back, but those percentages and u/day do NOT add up…. in another area, the “Activity Report”, the report there gives a MUCH better idea of what’s going on….

activity summary

Now, I don’t exactly know what to think. My carbs (that I have entered into my pump, at least) are staying between my 100-120 goal, so the only think I can think is that my lows are causing a problem.  I think I probably need to get more than just 3 days of info to go on before making ANY decisions.



I swear, I’m going to just update a banner that will show which pump I’m on as soon as you hit my blog page. As much as I switch back and forth, I’m sure it would be a helpful guide.  Granted, I know all pumps work differently, so what I’m trying to accomplish may not be worth it after all.

Today, since I noticed I needed to do a site change anyway, I pulled the t:slim out. I know it doesn’t have the one feature that I so need, but it does have the IOB right there on the screen and, most importantly to me right now, is that it has the IOB in the reports screen.

Photo credit: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc
Photo credit: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc

See, the past few weeks, I have been having unexplainable lows. And lots of them… especially at night. Being a visual person, It’s hard for me to sit down and think for each bolus how long they are in my system. The one thing that I love about Tandem’s software above all the rest is that it has the ability to show IOB if you want/need it to so that quickly you can see if your it’s your boluses driving you low or if you could be having more of a basal issue.

Photo credit: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc
Photo credit: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc

In the report, you see those blue shaded slopes? That’s the Insulin on Board from time of bolus until it’s worked out of your system. IN those areas where the blue slope starts higher than the bolus bar, those are when the boluses have been stacked, thereby increasing your IOB. Pretty smart, huh?

I really hope Tandem releases the “fix” for the reverse-correction soon. It would be nice to have even better visual reports without me lying about data (putting a 69mg/dl into my pump’s calculator verses the true reading if below 90 to get it to reverse-correct the “low”). I’m going to see after a week’s time how those little slopes are looking. I need to see if what’s happening is my fault or if there are truly adjustments that need to be made.