Breaks With The #tslim

One question I have had since starting on the t:slim is…

“HOW do you take a pump break?!?”

Pen!Since the pump is charged, not battery-operated, you can’t just simply note your settings, disconnect, and pull the battery. And certainly you wouldn’t want the pump to drain dead because that could be bad (or I would think it would… don’t hold me to it).  So I did what any good customer would…

I text my trainer and asked.

And she replied:

“Plug the pump into the wall outlet and press and hold the top button (the Screen On / Quick Bolus button) for a very very long time and eventually it powers down to ‘sleep mode’ {editors note – also known as “shelf mode}. Then the next time you plug in the t:slim to a power source it will wake back up. You will have to change out the cartridge but all your settings are still saved.”

Well, color me impressed, Tandem. No more resetting all of my basal rates and stuff. I also called Tandem customer support to verify and the rep (Hi Manny!!!) basically walked me through the exact same steps, with a couple of extra things… make sure the pump is charged to 100% before doing this because even though it is in sleep mode – the same mode it was in when it arrived from the factory – it does still use minimal power. This way your settings are saved, just no other operations are done with the pump. Also, if the above steps don’t seem to work and you are trying to do this through a wall-outlet power source, try plugging it into the computer and try again. Not sure why this happens, but sometimes it is the trick to make it work.

I also asked how long you could do this for. Granted, my pump breaks are rarely more than a month. But he said that it could last 1-2 months. But, if you’re someone who takes long breaks, there may be a little more involved like waking it up once a month, recharging, and putting it back to sleep.

So, YAY! Pump breaks ARE possible with the t:slim!

Clipping in Style: The #tslim t:clip

Before Christmas, I received Tandem’s new t:clip – The slimmer clip for the t:slim insulin pump. Word is that so many people complained about the look and durability of the t:case/slider combo that they wanted to ship out the brand spankin’ new t:clip for those who were current customers of Tandem. How awesome!? When I heard word of this, I was immediately excited and watched my box every day for it to come. As soon as they were announced available for purchase, I ordered a Pink and a Purple one too, so I can mix, match and switch up to my hearts content. No more being stuck with a single pump color! I have been wanting to do a blog post about them, and I thought, what a perfect “first post” of 2013! So, here it is… and I know you’re wanting pictures more than words, so without further adieu….

Side (hole cut out for cartridge)
Side (hole cut out for cartridge)
Holes are cut out of the t:button and charge port
Holes are cut out of the t:button and charge port
cap removed
cap removed
Inside of case. Notice the grip holes for the connecting the top to the bottom.
Inside of case. Notice the grip holes for the connecting the top to the bottom.
Connection on the bottom/back that holds the two pieces together...
Connection on the bottom/back that holds the two pieces together…
The inside side catch .... (see the little hook piece?)
The inside side catch …. (see the little hook piece? you might have to squint to see it…)
See how the groove catches the bevel of the pump? Niiice.
See how the groove catches the bevel of the pump? Niiice.


I love the clip. It keeps the sleekness of the pump and adds color options to make it personal. Theres only two things I wish for it….

1. that the clip could be closer to the top somehow. By putting it on the main body of the case, it lowers it to the middle of the pump, making the pump stick up sort of high on the belt (or whatever you have it clipped to).

2. That it came in BLUE or GREEN!… preferably BLUE for BLUE FRIDAYS!!! 🙂

If I could choose between those… it would be those color options. I mean, BLUE is the color of diabetes…. *wink, wink*!

If you have any questions about the clip, ask and I’ll reply to ya. I’m sorta out of ideas about what to say about it other than I LOVE it!

Time to Recharge…. The #t:slim

On my post, First Week Review – #tslim, my good friend, Bennet stated his curiosity about the battery life of the pump. So as of that morning’s charge, I decided to try it out. (READ:: If you have a t:slim, please follow the instructions in the manual and charge as requently as possible and do not make it a habit to drain the battery. This was strictly for curiosity… not to be repeated…. in other words, don’t try this at home.) That post was on December 11th… and it’s now December 20th, and my battery is just hitting 15%.

I'm now officially FREAKING UNCOMFORTABLE and need to charge for my sanity's sake.
I’m now officially FREAKING UNCOMFORTABLE and need to charge for my sanity’s sake.

Since I have a desk job, I can easily just plug my t:slim into the power outlet at my feet and let it charge. Others who maybe work on their feet or have to move around a lot probably would benefit more to charge it while they’re in the shower and getting dressed or something similar. That way you’re not “tethered” to the wall too. Or, you can charge while surfing the net, reading blogs (eh-hem…) or if you’re close enough to one at the dinner table, go for it. If you drive a lot, keep the car charger in the car and just top off on your commute. There are so many options for charging this pump. Yes, it’s another thing to think about, but it’s also like having a cell phone – you know you have to charge it, so it ends up not being that big of a deal. As with all things diabetes, you have to learn how to adjust it into your life so that it’s just another step you know you do but don’t really think about.

Charging....... (Somehow, in my head, I hear it saying "Charging" like the little Wii Fit voice says "Calculating..." and "Ooo" when you step onto the balance board.
Charging……. (Somehow, in my head, I hear it saying “Charging” like the little WiiFit voice says “Calculating…” and “Ooo” when you step onto the balance board.)

As for the time it takes to recharge it: Tandem says that it takes 1 minute per 1% of charge. So, in all likelihood, I’m gonna be here a while… about 85 minutes (which I would be anyway)… waiting for it to charge to 100%.  The time is ticking. I started the charge at 10:08am (EST) and am waiting…..

10:28am and I’m at 45%…..

I feel like I need to have some sort of music playing while we wait.... SAAAANTA Claus is comin' to town! ( by little Michael Jackson. You're singing it in your head now too, huh? No? K.)
I feel like I need to have some sort of music playing while we wait….
SAAAANTA Claus is comin’ to town! ( by little Michael Jackson. You’re singing it in your head now too, huh? No? K.)

10:46am… 70%…..

Almost there!How abouta cute baby Santa picture??? ---->
Almost there!
How abouta cute toddler Santa picture??? —->
Saaay Cheeeze!

Okay… so here we are at 10:07am… and we are at 100%!

100%! Yay!!
100%! Yay!!

And, if I go into the history screen, you can see when I plugged it in, and when I disconnected. That’s one hour, people! One hour to completely charge from 15% to 100%.

History logs EVERYTHING!
History logs EVERYTHING!

So, there ya have it folks. While you don’t have to charge every day, it is recommended. And, if you do go a while – MAYBE 2-3 days, you should be okay too. Just be sure to keep a way to charge it with you just in case. 

If you guys have any other questions about the t:Slim, please leave it in a comment for me. 🙂

Readjusting on the #tslim

Since starting on the t:slim, I’ve seen MUCH better numbers in my glucose levels. Still, I have no idea why they are, but I’m completely excited about it. I have noticed, though, that I need to fine-tune some areas, like my Correction Factor and a couple of minor things. So, what else to do but pull out the number one go-to pumper’s manual?

Only the best book for pumpers!
Only the best book for pumpers!

That’s right. I pulled out my brand spankin’ new copy (Okay, I ordered it back in September and am just reading through it again) and started back over. I’m going through looking at calculations and suggestions to see what the best course of action to do would be. And, since my Correction Factor seems to be my worst enemy, I’m starting with that one.

Super Customize-able basal rates and factors!
Super Customize-able basal rates and factors!

So, I took my old one and conservatively added 5% to the number, and I have gone from a 1:65 to a 1:72. I have NEVER used a weird number that didn’t end in a “0” or “5” for a factor, so this is all new to me. Also, note my basal rate has also ended in a new number… a “0.x2”. The ability of this pump to do such small increments is astounding to me!

Super customize-able settings!
Super customize-able settings!

Oh, and I’m also testing my insulin duration. Not just by the hour mark, but by the minute. 4 hours is too short, and 4:30 seems long… so why not go middle-road, eh?

Granted, I know day-to-day is going to throw different challenges, but if I can get an overall average that keeps me on-track like, 75% of the time, I’m okay with that.

So, off to readjust and fine-tune. Happy Monday, peoples!

(Oh, and I know some of you were wondering about the battery usage and how long it would go between charges last week…. I haven’ t charged it since Tuesday, and I still have 45% battery power left. And charge time is noted in the manual as being 1 minute per 1 percent – so if I let it go down to 10%, it’s going to take 90 minutes to recharge.)

First Week Review – #tslim

I have officially been using my Tandem t:slim insulin pump for a week as of this evening, so I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on this new technology of the pumping world.

As stated in my prior posts, Tandem was very smart when they designed this pump. They went after simplicity and usability as well as great functionality. They have brought pumping into the 21st Century by using a touch-screen for pump operation, as well as making it rechargeable verses the use of batteries.

Doing anything with the pump is very easy and simple. Just a few taps and you’re done. One statement I see a lot of people making is that they don’t like that you have to unlock it with the 1-2-3 code. While it does take a few seconds to do, it honestly doesn’t take long at all in the grand scheme of bolusing. I can truly bolus faster with this pump verses my older ones because there is no scrolling to do. Even against the Minimed Revel that has the BG readings automatically sent – it’s still much faster. And, if you need to “pocket bolus”, you can still do so with the Quick Bolus feature of the t:slim using the ONLY button it has.

Changing the cartridge – which was the scariest part for me – was actually pretty easy to do on my own. The on-screen instructions make it SO simple. People who switch to this from the OmniPod or Minimed (I don’t remember if Animas has them or not) will feel “at home” with the screens because they are very similar in how they walk you through the process. The only thing is that the screen seems to time-out pretty fast if I keep it on my usual 30-second time-out, so last time I did a change out, I switched it to 120 seconds (2 minutes). I did this simply because even though if it times out and you unlock it, it takes you back to the screen you were on, unlocking it multiple times during a cartridge switch is not fun. (Though it is a VAST improvement because that was my biggest gripe with my Animas – it always timed out on me and I had to go back through the screens to get to what I needed. BIG pain in the butt.) This makes it easy and I didn’t have to unlock it at all during the change.

Charging. This was part of the system that had my curiosity up, and I know it does for a few of you as well. I have to say, this pump keeps a charge very well…. much better than I expected since this device runs all day, every day, without end.  I have only let it get down to 85% once, and otherwise, I usually “top off” the battery every other day. Since it uses a micro USB connection, you can pretty much charge this thing anywhere – with a computer, wall outlet, or car charger. Granted, the car charger they sent is funky because mine “whines” while it’s charging my pump. Usually, though, I charge the pump when I’m sitting at my desk because I know I’m going to be there a while, and it only takes about 5-10 minutes to charge it. I have even charged it just taking Kip to daycare. The only thing is that if you choose to charge while you’re connected, you have to remember that and not just jump up and go. That’s why they suggest charging it while you’re disconnected and in the shower. I’ve just not done it yet because I’m leery about having something plugged into the socket while I’m in a steamy shower. I know it shouldn’t cause any problems, but I’m also not going to try it out myself.

Oh, and I know some of you have wondered about the waterproofness of the pump. While, yes, it’s only rated for 30 minutes at 3 feet (IPX7 rating – as are most pumps now except the Animas), I think others have tested it longer. And some even wonder about the charge port – I know I did. From what I was told, the port is sealed from the inside against water damage. Now, I’m not a tech/electricity expert, but I’m just going to trust them on that one. I test the ability of a lot of things, but that one I’m not going to. I’ll trust their word on it.

Otherwise, me and Mr. Pump (I haven’t gotten a name for it yet) have been getting along great. As a matter of fact, I have had to readjust EVERYTHING (basal rates, bolus calculations, carb factors, correction factors….) more than once to a lower setting. I don’t know why, but the only thing I can figure is there has to be a correlation between how my body absorbs insulin and how this pump delivers it. I’m not the only one either. Jenny from also has had to lower her rates too.

My only complaints are the case and the screen protector. The case is bulky and unattractive. I have been working with Donna from TalleyGear to make a custom case for it that can be used on a belt, though not a clip. The screen protector? Well, I got a 2 pinholes in it the first time I tried to take the cartridge off. Apparently I had something on my table that I didn’t see and it punctured it or else put pretty small dents into it… either way, they bother me. I called Tandem and the rep that I spoke with said he was going to find a couple to send out to me. YAY! Until then, I may look around to see what I can find. I have always been a HUGE fan of BODYGUARDZ screen protectors for my devices, and they custom cut pieces  but they don’t round the corners off… and I’m a terrible cutter. We’ll see… that part is still out for debate on what I want to do.

Do you guys have any other questions about the t:slim? Leave them in a comment below and I’ll answer ya as best as I can. 🙂


Last night was the night. I was able to FaceTime my local trainer and be trained to use my brand-new t:slim insulin pump! I had everything together and ready to make the training as fast as possible because I also had choir practice to attend right after. I had my syringe pre-filled, new site inserted, and everything laid out where it needed to be. I thought I’d be smart and program my basal rates in too, but she had me delete everything and reprogram it just so she could see that I knew how to do it… which is totally okay with me.

Training was so simple! I was even able to hold my fussy 16-month old during the whole process (except for filling the cartridge…don’t worry, I put him down for that).

One thing that I noticed, though, is when we got to the “Fill Tubing” stage, it took a large amount of insulin compared to my Animas prime records. Usually, it only takes about 11-13 units to completely prime the tubing. Last night, it took 22.. a whole 10 units more. I was curious about this, but my trainer must have read my mind because she told me it’s due to the connection… and that makes sense. See, in other pumps that use a luer lock connection, there’s a small tip on the cartridge that goes inside of the connector of the tubing, so there’s really not much wasted space, if any. With the way the t:slim works, there is a “pocket” created because there’s a slightly bigger connection area. Not that big of a deal, but that’s what I was told was the reason for the “extra” units. Plus, I had to prime a couple of units after that to get excess bubbles out of the tubing. No big deal.

My biggest and ONLY gripe right now is that as of last night, I have no way to upload my pump… so I’m going it manually. Some have suggested a Kevin chart? I haven’t the slightest idea what that is, but I’ll be Googling it later.

Also, I hate strongly dislike the case/slider. It’s like an OtterBox for the t:slim. I mean.. I may be wrong… but the whole thing about this pump is that it’s sleek and small and stuff…. well, if you use the clip, it’s not at all sleek and small. It’s quite bulky, actually. I cannot WAIT for the t:clip to be available. I am SO going to get a PINK one and a PURPLE one!

My biggest LOVE of this pump so far? I bolus in like, a 4th of the time verses my Animas Ping. Woot! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And remember when I posted about it before that I thought the delivery time would be an issue? It’s not.  I rarely bolus over 5-6u per meal, and that’s delivered in just a couple of minutes. And truth be told, I can’t even hear it delivering.

My second biggest LOVE is the IOB showing on the FRONT screen! EEK! I thought I would miss not being able to see what basal rate I was getting on the front screen like it shows on the Ping, but honestly? I don’t. IOB is much more important and not having to scroll to status screens to see it is AWESOME. Why? Okay, so here’s a scenario: You check your BG after your meal and you see that you’re 218. Wow… that’s higher than normal for you. How long has it been since you bolused? Should you bolus again? Just tap the wake-up button and you can see that you have insulin still working and how much. If you feel that it’s not enough and you need more, all you have to do is unlock it and calculate a bolus. IF you need more, it will suggest it. If not, it will tell you that you still have X.XXu still working and if you bolus more, you could go low later. YAY! Love love love love love love love that. The ability to know right away about IOB helps me to be more aware of it and possibly not rage bolus as much.

I’m a total tech-geek. I love new technology. Granted, I am admittedly VERY excited about this pump. These are just my first impressions of it right now, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say in a week or so. I’ll keep you guys updated as I go, especially after a few cartridge changes. I’ll keep ya posted.

Logging… Manually, Sort of.

Since I’ll be switching over to the t:slim later this week, I am searching ways to log  my stuff since the t:connect software is not available yet. I’ve downloaded and tried a few apps on my iPhone, with the Telcare app being the top contender for me right now. Though I love the Glooko app, I can’t manually add BG numbers into it, and I can’t sync my meter to it because I use the Verio IQ. But, since I have the new Dexcom G4 system, I thought I’d try the “Events” logging feature of it. I tried it before with the Seven+ system and it wasn’t great at all (from what I can remember, you couldn’t even log prior stuff… it had to be logged at the time of the event) and so I didn’t stay with it long. But, since they’ve made lots of improvements to the new system, I figured there wasn’t anything to lose in trying it.

So I started this morning:

I like that I can upload the Dexcom and see the symbol below the graph with the log beside it to tell me what I had to eat or taken with insulin. The only problem is that in logging the information, you can only go up by 0.05u, not 0.01u, so it may not be quite as accurate as a hand-log or some of the others (for example, the Telcare app lets me put in, say, 5.41u).

Either way, I hate logging. It’s tedious. It’s not something I want to think about and most of the time, I fail within a week. I really hope they have the t:connect approved VERY soon. I mean, the whole idea of going to the t:slim is because it’s so simple… and manual logging does not make things more simple, but more complicated… for me anyway. Until then, I’m on the hunt. Something simple yet comprehensive…. and with PDF reports, not just CSV files. I’m open to any suggestions if you have them!

What’s New Monday – No. 6

1. First off, today is the day that my NEW t:slim pump arrives… and I.. am… SO… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK ExCiTeD!!!!!!! I kinda wish, though, it had been coming tomorrow like planned because now I’m going to have a full day and evening to play with it and be totally temped to hook up, whereas if it were to come tomorrow, I wouldn’t have time to because we have Erik’s annual Christmas party at work to attend and I wouldn’t be able to. But, alas, this is a good thing too. I can play and play as much as possible with it to be more comfortable with it for training. I was really surprised to see that it’s “on vehicle for delivery” this morning because USUALLY UPS doesn’t deliver before the scheduled date – at least not for us. We’ve actually seen where it was in our local facility and stayed there until the delivery date. Granted, I don’t know how they work – they may have just had full trucks those days until it was supposed to be delivered… but that’s neither here nor there… I’m getting my t:slim package TODAY and that totally ROCKS! Yay for #tslim !!!

2. Kip is walking… a lot! He is a determined little kid now. The look on his face when he walks is all, “I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…” and then when he catches you watching him, he gets all excited and giggles and laughs and tries to hurry to you with a total “I told ya I could, I told ya I could ( or at least I think I can ), Yep, I’m totally rocking this walking thing…”. He’s still in that slow just-learning-to-go-it-alone stage, but that’s totally OK with me. I’m just glad to see him walking independently since we were so worried about it earlier.

3. Also, along with Kip learning to walk, we have a new adventure…. Christmas Decorations. I do believe we have said more “No!” and “Not that!” to him that we ever have…. and he just looks at us with his big blue (or green – depending on what he’s wearing) eyes with a look like, “What? Why can’t I play with it?”. In the first weekend, we have had to repair 3 ornaments, and this past weekend went by unscathed, so I think we’re doing pretty good!

4. I am on week 3 of my Lexapro and I can say that I can honestly tell a difference now. I’m more relaxed and not as anxious about everything. I’m able to let things go. I also haven’t had another panic attack, so that’s a great thing. I feel more at ease than I have in years.

Well, that’s it for this week’s WNM. I hope you all have a great week.


Remember when I had the demo of the t:slim shown to me earlier this month and how excited I was?

Yeah…. I don’t know how that happened seeing as how I didn’t think I was eligible til December 14th, but I am now officially off-my-rocker, kid-in-a-candy-store STOKED and EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Read: I’m more excited than a kid getting an iPad AND iPhone for Christmas!}

I was told yesterday, though, that the distributor that I have to go through to get one didn’t have one in stock  at the time (HOW does THAT happen??), but that one would be shipped out as soon as their restock came in, which should be that day or the next. Well, today, I got an email… IT HAS SHIPPED!!!!! I should have my brand-new t:slim pump IN MY HANDS on Tuesday.

Did I mention how excited I am?

Yeah, that was, like, so 2 hours ago… It’s now 4 days – 21 hours – 44 minutes – 40 seconds……BUT WHO’S COUNTING, RIGHHHTTT??

Guys, this is awesome.

I just hope HOPE hope that the t:slim lives up to all that I hope it will. I’ve heard a LOT of good reviews about it, along with some not so great, so I’ve weighted out the good and the bad of what I’ve seen. Don’t think that I think this pump will be THE answer to pump therapy, because I don’t. A lot of work still has to be thought out and done by the user (I mean, it would be awesome if it included a camera that could see what we’re eating, calculate the carbs, and bolus it for me, but yeah.. that ain’t happenin’). I also know that {for some strange reason} people who use Apidra have a TON of problems with occlusions. My theory is one of two things: the insulin has a reaction with something in the material of the reservoir “bag” that is not known yet or (two) there is something that happens to the insulin breaking down (since it breaks down the fastest of the three available) too fast in the safety chamber. Now, I’m no scientist at all, so PLEEEEASSEE do not take those assumptions as being truth because they are not. Either way, I don’t plan to try to find out why it doesn’t work. I have Novolog on hand and plan to keep using it with the t:slim.

What I’m not excited about though – and there’s absolutely not thing that can be done about this unless they change the design – is that with my Ping, even though I hate the scrolling everywhere to bolus and the darn timeout-refind my place stuff, I do like that once I DO have a bolus programmed, it goes in FAST. I don’t have to wait forever for it to deliver. And I know it’s all in my head… thinking that if it delivers fast, it’s going to absorb fast – which is totally untrue, but it’s still something that I’ve always liked because I like to listen to my pump deliver until it’s done JUST because I want to be sure it delivered. Call me crazy, but it was what I was taught to do 12 years ago when I started pumping and I still do it. And the less amount of time I have to “listen out”, the better for me. But I think I can get over that in exchange for the cooler features of the t:slim.

And, though I’m not even using it yet, I think there would be a great program addition if you guys could include it…… So, you have the awesome site reminder, right? What about rotation? Maybe have a setup that asks where you usually get the best absorption (i.e., the abdomen, right leg, left leg, right arm, left arm, etc). Then, for those areas chosen, the pump just adds that into the reminder: “Time to change your site. Rotate to Left Thigh”. HOW COOL!? No? Okay. Just a thought.

Some have wondered if I would miss the remote-bolus feature of the Ping. The answer is no. Since I hooked back up to my Ping 2 months ago, I haven’t used the meter-remote. I check my sugar with my Verio IQ and manually put everything into my pump to bolus with. I did that intentionally to see if I wouldn’t mind losing that function with the Dexcom integration of the Animas Vibe, and I don’t miss it. And since both Animas and Tandem are working with Dexcom (though I know the process will most likely be longer for Tandem), I’m okay either way. And complete truth be told, **SHHHHHH** I don’t want my pump integrated with CGM. {WWWWWHHHHHHATTT did she just say???!???????} While the feature is great and you certainly won’t lose track of your CGM, and integration does have GREAT benefits – I don’t like it after being on a pump with it. Why? Because I was embarrassed when I went to a wedding, wearing a great dress, and my pump was in my thigh holder. In the middle of the ceremony, my pump started buzzing an alarm, and I could not dismiss it. Not to mention, I looked pretty awkward to others constantly pressing in “that” area trying to dismiss it. Now, if there were some way to have a remote that controlled both the pump and the CGM function, then great. Until then, I’ll probably be the only diabetic on the planet that uses both technologies that couldn’t care when the integration is available for other pumps here in the US. I’ve lived long enough with pumps, diabetes and parties to know how to dismiss myself to a private location and plan a bolus that may not work exactly GREAT, but covers my food for the next hour, and how to eat accordingly. Some people (okay, a lot) may not agree with me, but that’s why different pump companies have their own features that are unique to them. They’re better able to reach targets that others aren’t because of personal preferences.

So, this geek is off to read the PDF of the user manual for the second time. Also, watch Sarah L’s videos about her t:slim for the umpteen dozenth time.

Oh, and I can’t WAIIIITT til I can order the t:clip. I understand that current t:slim users will be getting one shipped to them for free, but I have a feeling it will be black. I want to order a PINK one and a PURPLE one… MOSTLY a PURPLE one! EEEEK!

I Heart t:slim!

So, yesterday, I was able to see hands-on a demo t:slim insulin pump.  We went over the functions of the pump and how it works, and some of the cool features it has over other available pumps.

When the rep pulled it out, my jaw literally dropped. I could not believe how tiny the pump is! It’s slim and sleek and all sorts of awesome.  I compared it to the size of my Animas Ping and it was like – whoa. Super thin. Then, I compared it to my Verio meter – it’s a bit thicker, but not by much.


I didn’t get any frontal pictures, just because there are so many out there available now. What I was really looking forward to seeing was if it lived up to it’s name and their slogan. Well, color me happy because it is SUPER slim and certainly lives up to it’s name.

So what about this “touch simplicity”?

I have to tell you, while it doesn’t have the super responsive feather-touch sensitivity as an iPhone would, it’s is very easy to touch the screen to get it to do what you need it to do. While I know that’s not the slogan’s meaning, it was a concern for me. But, once I got to touch it and play around with the menus, it’s not that much different at all. I liken it to the touch-responsiveness of the Kindle Fire. I did keep laughing at myself though because I wanted to scroll with my finger instead of touching the up or down arrows to scroll through the history screen!

The pump does live up to the slogan though. It is so easy to use this pump, and having the touch screen does make things so much faster and easier. I loved that all I had to do was touch a few places and a bolus was delivered. No scrolling up, missing the mark, scrolling back down, etc. It just a simple tap-tap-tap and your’e done.

The thing I’m most excited about is the different profiles  and not just different basal rate profiles. This is the most ingenious thing ever in my opinion because someone FINALLY realized, “Hey, if they need to change their basal rates, wouldn’t they be sensitive/less sensitive to the other insulin factors as well??” Super smart, Tandem!

Oh, and the T button (the ONLY button!) on the top/side not only wakes the pump, but can be used for an audio/vibrate bolus. {Yeah, so! What’s so special about that? All pumps do that now.} Except (from what she told me) it can be set to go in increments of units OR carbohydrate! So, no more doing the math to figure out how many units you should need for “x” amount of carbs while trying to keep the pump hidden away. Just press it how many times you need to to increase the number of carbs you’re eating and it does the math for you! HOW TOTALLY AWESOME!!?? The only time I can figure that would be an issue would be if you’re needing to do a correction… then you would have to do some serious math to convert the BG overage to what would be equal to carbohydrates and then deliver the bolus.

I am super stoked about this pump. I am eligible to get one after December 14th, and I cannot wait. (Read: I’m such a nerd that I have a countdown clock going… T minus 31 days!) This is the first time in a long time I’ve been so excited about pump technology. I would gladly trade in every one of my pumps to get this one if I had to. I know, a pump is a pump is a pump – in the end, they all do the same function. And while each pump has their own niche and ways to trump the other, the end decision is going to need to be based off of what you like/want the most out of the pump you choose. If you want something that’s all connected with CGM and meter and all that jazz – then the Revel would probably be best. If you want a color screen, but prefer to have tactile buttons as well as a remote to bolus with so your pump can stay tucked away, then the Animas Ping would be better. If you want small, sleek, color screen and touch-ability, then the t:slim would be a good choice. They all perform the same basic principle and that’s to deliver insulin. As for me, I want the t:slim. It’s like a Kindle, Omnipod, and Ping had a baby.

Besides, did you really think this technology geek wouldn’t want it??