Unplugging, Listening and Walking

Vacation time is when I try to unplug from the social media world for a while and just spend time with family. I did sign in a few times to Facebook to upload a few pictures and post a couple of statuses, but I didn’t stay on it like I usually do. I’m trying to wean myself from it, to be honest. Last week was a perfect week to do so.


We also had a great time just staying at the house and cooking at the beach house rather than eating out at restaurants and things. We made it our home away from home. But the one night we went out, we had sushi… and I ate a Dori… Dori Roll that is. The restaurant also had an amazing silver fish sculpture hanging from the ceiling as you entered the door… it was amazing.

image (2)

The weather was wonderful until Thursday, when Hurricane Arthur came through, but even then it was just like a windy rainstorm all day. Otherwise, we had nice sunny days, mid-80 degree weather with a nice breeze and cool beach waves.Yeah, my phone was in my hand a lot of times, but it was to take pictures rather than find out what everyone else was doing and up to.image (3)

It’s nice to unplug every now and then. It lets me recenter my thoughts and decide what path I need to take – whether to continue on the one I am on or to change directions. We all leave our footprints in our social media posts or blogs, but how often do we just sit back and close our eyes and just listen to what the waves are saying? Or where and how we are walking along with them? Walk too close, and our footprints are lost as soon as they’re made in the vast ocean. Walk too far, and our footprints are just empty holes in the sand. But walking just right down that area where the sand is not too hard and not too soft and the waves keep it like a sponge, the footprints are made and they last a good while. There is an intricate dance that happens between the waves, the sand, and you footprints, as is with the dance of life. What does it all mean? I don’t know.. I’m still trying to figure it out, along with a lot of things – with life, my career, my diabetes, my social media, my blog. I did a lot of thinking this week. It was a much needed time to just relax and think… and run after an almost-3-year-old, of course. Do I have an answer for anything? Nope. But I do have a few ideas, we’ll just have to see how they work out.

It was a good week. A relaxing week. An insightful week. But it was a man-I-can’t-wait-to-sleep-in-my-own-bed week too.

Thank You, CVS!

The hubby and I decided to see if my sister and her family would like to eat dinner together at the beach this past weekend. They were already there finishing out their vacation week, and Erik had coupons to a local restaurant we love to eat at there, so we figured it would be a nice trip to go see them, hang out and have some good food.

We packed everything. Beach towels, clothes to change into after swimming on the beach, extra diapers, insulin pens, extra pods… almost as if we were planning to stay an entire weekend… except for one thing. Strips.

I didn’t even THINK to check for strips. And it wasn’t that I didn’t have any at home to bring as a friend who went off of her Omnipod system sent me a ton of strips she wasn’t going to be using anymore… so that wasn’t the problem. I just simply didn’t check the bottle before we had left.

We got there, and I tested before we went into the water. Three strips. One used, so I had two left.

I checked after swimming and bathing. Two strips.. one used, one left.

We went out to eat and go to the restaurant. I knew I only had the one strip left, and I could have gone off my CGM, but it has been so off lately, I didn’t want to trust it. Plus, my BG was really high because I decreased my basal too much while we were on the beach. AND, with dinner being my hardest meal to bolus for lately, I certainly did NOT want to start off on the wrong foot with an assumed number. So.. One strip… one strip used, none left.

photo (10)

We were invited to stay the night because of how late it was after we finished dinner. Plus, I don’t get to spend much time with them, so it was an added bonus to get to stick around for a while.  But I was out of strips. Me. The girl who has been double, if not triple, packing everything for the past few years in the event there could be an apocalypse of some sort and I wouldn’t be able able to live past a few days until I could get more supplies type of girl. I wanted to go home and get them because, honestly, the cost of one vial out of pocket is freakin’ outrageous.

BUT! I had seen these little meter combo thingys that other people had purchased on their trips. See, most meters you buy off the shelf now do not include the standard 10 sample strips like they used to. I hate that meter companies are doing that now. I would rather buy a brand I trust and that would use the strips I currently have in my drawer now verses some off the wall brand that I’ll probably never buy strips for again. Anyhow, I told the hubby we needed to get to a CVS so that I could get the little kit to get me through the night.

So, along with a few other essentials, I purchased the cute little meter and used it until we got home. I appreciate CVS for having this available for people who do impromptu trips like this one and accidentally leave strips (or meters) behind.




The end…..

The summer 2012 semester is OVER and I am OH.SO.HAPPY! 🙂

So much, that my bg’s are back down (as a matter of fact, I had to put my pump into suspend mode for 4 hours yesterday afternoon because my sugars stayed in the 60’s without coming up. After I finally gave in and ate some cereal and I shot up to the 150’s.

I’m taking a week’s break before working on my insurance license CE hours. I have 3 weeks to get those done, and then I’ll be back in college for the fall semester.

But for now, I’m taking a mental break.

Now, to plan Kip’s birthday party!!! (6 days left til he’s ONE year old!!!)

Breaks Are Good

So it comes as no surprise that I was irritated yesterday. (Naaa, really, Sarah?? Never woulda thunkit! /sarcasm). I think the stress of finals this week in combination with the icky, sticky, messy heat, my allergies or pending massive summer cold, and the fact that I had gone through two sensors in two days for various reasons (and ended up having to pull yet another one last night too…strange gusher issue) had me to my breaking point and the second sensor pull had tipped the cap to my irritability.

But, on the advice of my new good friend, Scott E (yes, we have a LOT of Scotts in the DOC) as well as Stacey D, I have disconnected the CGM part of my pump for now. I don’t quite understand what happened last night, but I checked my site to be sure everything was a-okay (habit – a good one to have, mind you), and the air space inside of my tape all around my CGM site was filled with blood. Keep in mind, this was already a day old, so any bleeding should have happened within a few minutes of insertion, or so I always thought. I pulled the site and just kept it out.

I may stay on a break for a week or so…. or at least until after this week is over. I’m to the limit stress-wise with these finals, my baby’s upcoming BIRTHDAY party (Geez! Already!!????!???), and a few other things going on personally. I’m just worried that with my OCD-dBrain, I won’t be able to stand it and will have to reconnect to see the numbers.

Breaks are good……



Last week, our little family joined the big family for our annual week-long vacation to the beach.

This year was better than prior years to me. Things seemed more relaxed. Not to mention, since Kip couldn’t stay out the entire day, we stayed about an hour or two on the beach and in the water and we we were done – free to nap, play, or whatever else we wanted in the beach house. Of course, this was also bad because it left me around TONS of junk food we had bought and I had NO self-control. (I gained a freakin’ 4.4 pounds. grr. Even MORE motivation to go on WW and buy Zumba Rush this week!)

My blood sugars were a mess. I dropped low twice (once after having to push the battery-drained golf-cart back three blocks, but that’s a whole other story….), but averaged in the 200’s most of the time. My over-night averages were absolutely horrible – around 350-400’s – near the end of the week. Mostly in part because I left my Synthroid at home. I could see the averages of my bg readings slowly climb over time, as well as my level of exhaustion. By Saturday, I was ready to come home.

I miss the beach. The peacefulness. The not having to dress for work. I enjoyed every minute of spending much-needed time with my baby before he has his one-year birthday IN JUST 15 DAYS!! I miss the whole family routine that was nice without the stresses of work. I love it because it’s the one week out of the year that my main priority is around my husband, myself, and now our little munchkin without other outside stressors making us into crazy people that we barely know by the end of each week. We get back to basics. Back to family. Back to each other.

My Internal Restart

Last month, Erik and I talked about taking a vacation. We both needed it and, since we hadn’t been anywhere together since we had gotten married three years ago, we decided to go for it. We didn’t “go all out”, but we just took a ride north-west to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to spend a few days to unwind before the hectic winter season began for us.

Snowy Hike 2On Monday, we went on a hike up a mountain to get to Grotto Falls. We had gone up the hill before, but when we had gone, there were lots of people and as soon as I got there, my camera died, so we didn’t get good pictures. This time, I was determined. I had a fully charged battery in the camera, along with a spare to boot. What I wasn’t planning on was the snow. You would think I would have thought of this, but I didn’t. So, almost immediately, we ran into snow, sludge, mud, and just general ickyness. We managed to make it up through all of it to get to the falls. There was lots of snow, some icecicles being upwards of 2 inches in diameter, and lots of ice on the walkway that you had to be careful walking on and around.

Grotto FallsBut even though the effort to trek up there wasn’t wonderfully glorious, the waterfall was. I could have sat there all day if there had been a dry place to sit. The snow and ice had everything wet, and we couldn’t sit and enjoy it like we had before. (Note, it doesn’t look like much snow around the fall, but it’s because of the angle I took the shot. If you could have seen behind, it looked much like the picture above where Erik is bravely treking through the mud and sludge to get to the top.)

As beautiful as it was, we had to get down the mountain. I tried to pre-game for this hike as much as I could to try to avoid the drastic low bg I had the last time, but it got me again. I had already turned my pump off before the hike, but I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be enough. True to form, half way up the mountain, my CGM started alarming. So, I grabbed the big bottle of glucose tabs, chewed four of them with a swig of Dr. Pepper and kept going, just not as hard. This kept going. By the time we got to the top of the mountain, I had eaten 16 glucose tabs, drank half a bottle of Dr Pepper, and learned that 3 beeps means I’m at the “70 or below” mark and 4 beeps means that I’m at the “55 or below” mark. I also learned that if we ever do the hike again, I HAVE to pack more than glucose tabs. Something with protein like a protein bar or even a peanut butter sandwich would have been good. That was error on my part. Lesson learned.

Tuesday, we went up to Uber Gatlinburg. It’s not that big of a place, just really an attraction site, with lots of games, little shops, and an ice-skating rink. But the reason why we go is to take the chair lift to the top of the mountain. It’s a pretty steep ride, but once you get up there, it’s beautiful. You can see the whole town of Gatlinburg, as well as a large aerial view of several mountains far off.


Erik was finally able to relax in the peace and quiet of the mountain top, while I walked around snapping pictures. A few other people were up there as well, but they didn’t bother us. It was nice and relaxing. One lady offered to take our picture, and I’m glad she did. Erik finally smiled a true, genuine smile. Something I haven’t seen in a long time. And I’ve got it “on film”:


In part, I’m glad to be home. But mostly, I wish I were still there. In the peace and quiet of God’s creation. There’s something about it that revives me. It pushes my internal “restart” button the way nothing else can.

So, a big “Thank You” to Cherise, George, Alexis and Martin for guest blogging for me this week. I really do appreciate having you guys help me out while Erik and I were on vacation! You guys are so awesome and I’m proud to have you guys as my friends and fellow d-bloggers.