TallyGear : New Case and Revamp of Old One.

I have been a fan of TallyGear for a LOOOOONG time… like, I think since Donna, the creator of the TummieTote, first started and only had the TummieTotes and headbands. My most favorite thing that she offers is the Dexcom cases because they provide a way for me to clip my Dexcom anywhere and make it cute too.

Not too long ago, she sent me one of her new products, the neoprene Dexcom case. One thing I noticed is while it provides protection from bumps and things, (and this is going to sound silly probably) is that the loop for the clip was located on the bottom of the case, not on one of the sides. This way, the Dexcom actually hung straight and not at an angle… which was something that always bothered me but I figured it was just how it needed to be made or something. So, when it came time to order a new Dexcom case (my old pink one was getting worn), I asked if she could make one the same way as the neoprene was and just move the clip loop to the bottom… and she DID!

photo 2 (4)
Old one on top, new one on bottom

I absolutely love having it there now and my OCD can be quiet as hit hangs straight now. Plus, with the amount of fabric that folds over, there’s little to no risk of the Dexcom falling out (I slung it around quite a bit… no movement).

With these, I also ordered a clip-on alert tag. I know these could be used as zipper pulls for bags and things, but I sort of like it clipped to my Dexcom…

photo 1 (3)

photo 4

Now, I didn’t ask her to, but she also sent me one of their new silicone “Bump” cases too. It’s pretty cool. It gives the Dexcom some shock absorption without having to put it into a case if you don’t want to. Though you could technically put it into a regular TallyGear Dexcom case and have both prettiness, a clip, screen protection AND bump protection… if you wanted to.. without buying a neoprene case… but I caution you… it’s a bugger to get in and out of the regular TallyGear clip case, so it would be if you are someone who doesn’t change very often. But alone, it’s a good, form-fitting case if you want your Dexcom to be naked but protected too. It’s also good for giving a little absorption to the rattle of the vibrator action if it alerts you while it’s sitting on a table. I’ve been scared crapless more than once for forgetting I left it on my desk and it will vibrate when all is quiet. While that’s totally cool at night for be able to wake me up, it’s not so cool at work and it scares your boss too.

photo 3

photo 5

Oh, and you can still access your charge port on the side through the slit in the case, but you may have to spread the opening a bit if you have a fat-headed charger.


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  1. I’m very excited that someone finally made a silicone case for the Dex. My problem is that the received falls out of my jammie’s pocket often, then slips down inside the chair, then I have to turn over the recliner to retrieve it. A silicone case will totally prevent this, as my old Navigtor had one, and I used it a lot. Plus the Nav cases were ugly, not pretty colors like the Tallygear cases are. Heading over to buy a couple this morning.

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