Tape Issues

I’m not new to using over tapes and dressings. I’ve successfully worn things like IV3000, Tegaderm, and Opsite all with no issue. Even that paper tape stuff that they use when you have your blood drawn to tape down the cotton ball to stop the blood. I’ve not had an issue at all before, so I thought when I started with the Enlite and used their specially cut and designed tape for the sensor, it would be the same thing.


Since it has taken me a few weeks to figure out how to use the system to the best of my ability, I’ve only worn two sensors successfully for 6 days or more. During this time, though, I’ve learned that my skin does not like the over tape that Medtronic sends with the sensors. The first patch I used, the skin where it was came off with the tape. I thought this was just a coincidence and that maybe I had pulled it off wrong somehow. The next one itched and burned until I finally took the thing off, but I went the whole 6 days, and my skin paid the price. When I took it off, there was a huge red, itchy, burning spot left. I wanted to scratch so bad, but if I touched it, it hurt. That was this past weekend, and it’s finally healing over, though in a rough scabby way. I wanted to not think it was the tape, but maybe just where I was using it or maybe even how I had pulled it off again, which I didn’t rip or yank it off, just peeled it off like you would anything else.

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Top one is from one a couple weeks ago, the bottom one is the one from this past weekend.

The last sensor I had on my arm this week, lasted all of 2 days. TWO. DAYS. The skin itched and started burning again. I couldn’t wait the full 6 days, so I had Erik help me try to remove the tape and clean the area without messing up the sensor, but that was a no-go as the sensor didn’t last 12 hours after that. So, off it came, and it’s felt like I was stung there ever since. The skin is rough, but not as red.

I’m clearly having some sort of reaction to whatever they use with this tape. My endo suggested I go back to just using Opsite since I know it works. When I called Medtronic to let them know, they made a record of it and also sent out a sample tape kit that included some things to try. They had a sample of the Bard wipe that I’ve heard so much about , so I tried that along with using my Opsite cut into strips and covered over my transmitter in an X or + pattern (one thin piece down the middle and one side to side over the transmitter) so that the sensor is taped down, but with minimal tape contact.

We’ll see how this goes and hopefully it’s successful. I honestly do like their new sensors and I’m loving having everything integrated. I would just hate to give that up just because of a tape issue.

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  1. I really wish I understood my tape issues and why some things irritate me while others don’t. (I also wish the tape and adhesive companies disclosed a little more easily so it would be easier to narrow down the problem)

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