The Battle of the Bulge

No.. Not THAT bulge… I’m talking about this bulge —->>>>>>>>>

the bulge

I’m a pocket girl. I love my pants pockets since they hold my cellphone and diabetes devices right at arm’s length so I don’t have to fumble with lost items in a purse. Jeans are best not only for comfort, but because you have 4 pockets – 2 in front, 2 in back.

But with most of my work pants (pre-pregnancy and maternity), I only have front pockets. Which, before the maternity pants, I was able to wear a belt, so the bulge didn’t look so bad, but this? This is downright… well, unfashionable. Granted, I am very happy to have both of these wonderful devices helping me, but seriously? It’s days like this when I REEEALLY wish there were a way to sandwich those things together into one device.

So, Animas and Dexcom, this post is for you. I know from reports of people who have talked to your reps that each one of you is blaming the other or the FDA (which that part is completely understandable) for the delay in merging the pump/cgm system together. Please stop playing the blame game. I love the both of you dearly since both of your products make it so much easier for me to live (especially you, Animas, since your pump is the first one to actually “fit” me and my needs since the old Disetronic H-tron+ that I wore out after 6 1/2 years of use), but I am becoming quite envious of the Minimed people who have their pump/cgm combo in the Revel system.

This would mean so much to me. No more searching for a place to put the pump AND cgm. No more searching for the cgm period when I ‘ve somehow managed to get it in-between the bed sheet and comforter at 3am and it’s buzzing off the wall to let me know that I’m super low and need to wake up or going high and I need a quick, small bolus. Heck, forget losing it in the bed… these days, me losing the CGM ANYWHERE is possible… and happening more frequently. No more pump weighing down one pocket and cgm weighing down the other, all the while looking like I have not one growth, but two.

I know I sound like a whiny baby, and maybe I am, but I know this is something that a lot of us d-folk who use Animas and Dexcom systems in the DOC (diabetes online community) have been waiting and waiting and waiting to have this happen since it was first promised, and every time the timeframe for a rumored release date is given, we hang our head and sigh. So, Animas and Dexcom.. are we really on board for integration? Truly… how much longer are we going to have to wait?


Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Bulge”

  1. Whine away, Suga! No seriously. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or so they say. That merger so needs to happen. I honestly didn’t think it was much to consider on my end when trial-testing both the Dex and Revel (still doing the latter), but once having access to the combined unit I am a fan of it. Like the accuracy and longer-sensor life of the Dex BY FAR, but I’m more persuaded these days by the combined units into one device and that’s now a key part of my decision-making process. I might be more convinced to switch to Animas and Dex if that merger comes to be before long… So we’ll see!

  2. I eagerly await the combo, as well. I went into the Ping and Dexcom with the assumption that I probably won’t get to HAVE the combo until 5 years with the separate units though, between the fact that it could take them a while and the fact that I’m cheap and probably won’t want to pay any more money toward the device(s) itself any earlier than necessary. (Also, just had the thought: I really hope we can look at the Dexcom readings on our meter remote too, and not just on the pump itself, because my pump isn’t very accessible when I’m wearing a dress…)

    Also, I’ve started wearing my first pair of maternity pants and haven’t really had to worry about the bulge since I put Ping and Dex in different pockets (and my phone in my purse), but I have noticed that the pockets on these maternity pants are WAY LOW, down on the thighs instead of the hips, and I don’t know how I feel about that.

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