The Follow Up

So, here we are, 10 days after the DME diagnosis, and we have some news. Partly good, partly eh.. not great but not terrible either.

The spot that was diagnosed as being Diabetic Macular Edema turns out to simply be cystiod macular edema, and that’s good. What’s the difference? Well, with cystic macular edema, the cause isn’t always known – and in this case, the cause really isn’t known.. it could be stress related OR diabetes related, though he doesn’t feel that it is d-related now thought it could be (cue the confusion). The location on the vessel where the leak occurred is not where a spot that is affected by diabetes is. It wasn’t one of those dots, or ballooned vessels, that burst. It simply, for some reason, broke open in that area and leaked a lot of fluid. Over the past week, the area of the vessel has been healing, and now there is some slight leakage happening, but nothing like it was when it first happened. The specialist doesn’t want to do anything at the moment other than watch it to be sure that it continues to heal on it’s own.

In other news, I do have spots in my eyes. It has been diagnosed as Mild Nonproliferative Retinopathy. So, basically, my eyes are in the very beginning stages of showing damage. He talked with me about my glucose control and basically even though he sort of gave me the look of “you’re doing an awesome job”, he told me that simply the fact that I’ve had diabetes as long as I have is the reason this is happening, and stressed that I now need to keep a closer watch on my kidneys and feet. The NPR is in a stage that doesn’t require treatment at the time, just needs to be watched for now.

What has me baffled though is when I had a scan of my eyes at my optometrist’s when I was pregnant, spots were there then too, and I followed up with the ophthalmologist that I have now five months later and he didn’t see them. Sort of makes me wonder if he’s missed them for over three years… thus do I need to find a new ophthalmologist? Or will I stay seeing the retina specialist from now on? I sort of don’t know what to do about that whole situation.

So, I go back in 6 weeks. I will have the dye run in my eyes again (yay for highlighter yellow pee and weirdly awesome temporary tan!) and I’ll have more images and pictures taken to see how the edema is and decide on how to proceed from there, though he feels that will have healed by then.

To everyone who have sent me messages and emails and comments, I greatly appreciate your love and support and prayers during this time. It has helped me so much. You guys are the best! 🙂

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  1. Well, I know that often doctors see “teeny tiny spots” in my eyes, and the next visit they’re gone and others have appeared. And some doctors seem to be better at spotting them than others. Some aren’t quite sure what they’re seeing. As I see it, as long as the trend continues, and the spots come and go rather than accumulate and grow, I’m in good shape. The explanation is always the same — it’s just from having diabetes for so long. And the kidney/feet thing, that’s just from paragraph one of “Endocrinology for Dummies”. It’s standard directions they give everyone.

    I hope that whatever it is that you have corrects itself.

  2. It’s good news that your eyes are better and you’ll just have to keep following up with your doctors to make sure that everything is under control. The problem with all of these complications/other medical conditions/ comorbidities is that if there’s a chance it’s related to diabetes, we feel a lot of guilt. But people without diabetes get these problems also. I will say that hints of complications in my diabetes career have been a huge impetus in improving my self-care. So keep up the good fight because you’re doing great:-)

  3. I’m so glad the news was on the positive side although I’m sorry you went through such a scare. I’m praying for you that it will continue to heal without any treatment needed. Since I was diagnosed with and treated for DME, I have only been seeing the retina specialist. I don’t see the need to see an ophthalmologist also. As long as I see the RS every 6 months now (it was every 3 at first), he takes pictures like my eye doctor used to so I’m getting the same monitoring, if not better. If I need a regular eye exam I’ll see an optometrist. Which I need to do!

  4. That’s so frustrating that one doc saw the spots and your other doc didn’t! Either way, I am thinking of you! Remember to give yourself credit for all the handwork I know you put in every day for your diabetes! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. I know you work solo hard taking care of yourself, you an awesome young lady and a person that I look up to a lot. I just now read this blog. Thanks for being friends.

  6. IMHO, I would continue to see a retina specialist. I’ve had numerous laser treatments on both eyes since 1999 including a preventative laser treatment to help prevent blindness. I still have great vision. I don’t ever see spots or floaters. Need glasses for reading, I am over 40, lol.

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