Today, my blog is 3 years old. In essense, time has flown, yet it has stood still.

Looking from my first post and throughout the posts over time, you can see one thing is evident as to what this blog was about. Not only diabetes… but pregnancy. The dream I had then of a baby boy or girl came true, and now that baby boy will be 9 months old this week. And while I am so, so, so very thankful to have him, I’m still searching for that “completeness” of family.

Erik and I have talked about it several times, and we do want one more child. And just as with my first post, I know it can happen, it will just be in God’s timing. Until then, I have to get myself straightened back up. I worked on my control and had it inline for 2 years before BabyK came into our lives, and I can do it again (I think). My last A1c was unacceptable in my eyes (well, and for good reason… 9.0 is just a weeee bit outta range), and I’ve got to get it back down. But just as any change in my life for me, it has to come in increments. So even though it still won’t be the golden 7 or below, I’ll be happy if I can get it down to 8.0-8.5 range this next time. Then maybe 7.5-8.0 the next. And hopefully, land somewhere in the 6.0-6.5 range like I did before pregnancy and be able to hold it there. It’s just a process of relearning myself and being comfortable again with seeing numbers like 82 mg/dl and not going into a panic attack and eventually “treating” it.

Who knows, maybe three years from now, I’ll be posting about the TWO munchkins I have, one almost 4 years old and the other 9 or 10 months old. And this time, I am dreaming of them, covered in dirt from making mud pies, holding up their little hands as if to say, “YEY, mom, look at us!”, with daddy, shaking his head behind us.

Thank you, to all of my readers. You are one of the biggest reasons I keep writing. (That, and if I didn’t, I fell sure I’d be insane by now! LOL) Now, let’s all go get cupcakes to celebrate!

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  1. First, happy blogaversary! You can do it, as far as getting back on track. It’s tough – I’m going through that myself, and struggling to just get away from the osterich-effect of putting my head in the sand. But, it’s a one day at a time journey. Small steps. For me, the blogging and DOC activity really keeps me accountable. Can’t wait to hear the news, on His time, that you guys have gotten to that next step!

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