3 thoughts on “#tslim Change Vlog”

  1. Thanks for the t:slim vlog, Sarah! It’s really nice to see you go through that process – so much more real and lively than just reading about it. Of course, I’m not holding one in my hand and using it, so this helps me use it vicariously through you!

  2. Interesting, thanks for posting this! I find it peculiar that the syringe barrel comes separate from the needle. Do you reuse the barrel or take a new one each time? Since it’s not in contact with an actual person, I imagine there’s not a risk of contamination.

    I also wonder if you need to squirt a little insulin out of the syringe needle before filling the cartridge. You didn’t show how you filled the syringe, but if you start with air in the needle (albeit very little), that air gets mixed with the insulin in the syringe and leads to bubbles. It might help to purge it out, kind of like priming an insulin pen.

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