Which Reports to Choose!? Help…

Dexcom Upload

So, it’s no surprise that Tandem does not have t:connect available to the public yet (thank you, FDA!). So, I’ve been logging as best I can, but I still have “holes” in my data. Good thing my endo isn’t picky about actual individual numbers!

He likes my Dexcom graphs better. He gets more info from them than a ton of numbers on a spreadsheet. But, I’ve always just sent one… the “Hourly Stats” page. But, as I’m becoming more familiar with the program and the different graphs and things, I see that I like a lot of them. However, some just aren’t very informative for me personally.

So, I need your help. If you use a Dexcom, which graph do you like best? Why? How many days to you show your endo? If you could choose 3 graphs, which would be your top 3? My appointment is Thursday, so I want to be sure I have everything I need for that afternoon sans the pump upload (since there’s no way to have one).

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  1. Does your endo use Diasend? You can upload your G4 and meter and he can pull the combined data. I haven’t played around much with all the new graph options but I like to see day-to-day charts. I tend to be TOO detail oriented!

  2. (I am not going to use the right terms… because I don’t know them)

    My endo wants to see the past two weeks – the one where there is a line for each day. She also likes the one where it is a time of day graph and there is a box and whiskers for each day. This is the first time I will be seeing the endo (but her replacement since she is on maternity leave) with the CGM data included in Diasend.

  3. I wish I had a suggestion for you. I never (ever) print out my Dexcom data. My endo only likes to see actual BG readings and my CDE uploads my Dexcom at my appt with her since she likes to view on the screen in front of her, able to change the views. I hope you find the right ones!

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